Savemore Acacia: The Neighborhood Store of Urban Taguig

The city of Taguig, being as young as it is, has really been a busy city. From its humble beginnings as a fishing community of Laguna de Bay to being one of the Metro’s hottest places to be, not to mention the city recently welcoming the much awaited SM Aura Premier, Taguig city’s progress is just marvelous. The sky rocket development of the city has made it one of the fastest rising urban centers with a healthy mix of business establishments, offices, recreational, and residential areas. This spur in people traffic just makes it a perfect site for a Savemore Market; SM’s neighborhood grocery store.

As the population rises, so does the demand. And as a brand known to bring the SM shopping experience closer to the homes of its customers, Savemore Acacia is the only market people within the vicinity, as well as visitors trekking C-5, will ever need. It delivers the same quality products and services SM is known for. It’s the shop where day-to-day essentials for family meals, barkada gatherings, outing trips, and everything else in between are all conveniently packed under one roof. It’s the trustee market that provides anyone who enters through its doors excellent accommodations, great value for money, and a quick and convenient shopping experience. Plus, it has a Western Union money transfer, a bills payment counter, and a Watson’s pharmacy so there’s really no point in going anywhere else for the weekly errands.

Taguig city will soon have more and more people occupying its every nook and cranny; enjoying living in an urban setting. It’s the life of glitz and glamour; shopping in world-class malls, enjoying neighborhood strolls, and eating in gourmet restos. The idea of being in a big progressive city such as Taguig city truly has a certain charm to it. And at the end of the day, it’s the joy of coming home to loved ones in a house that’s complete with everything needed to continue living life to the fullest. It’s living comfortably knowing that just around the corner is the new Savemore Market Acacia that’s always Here to Serve.

Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2013