Why Tagaytay Continues to be a Worthy Investment

The cool, serene city of Tagaytay is undeniably a real estate hotspot, a favorite destination of investors looking for their next vacation home or income property. Yet, it’s no secret that it has been at the receiving end of a recent natural calamity and an ongoing public health crisis.

Nonetheless, the real estate market interestingly remains thriving. In fact, a lot of property experts say that this is now a good time to consider breaking into the market. The most ideal choice? The prime, luxury community of Tagaytay Highlands. Here are some of the reasons you should consider it:

The Property Is Well-Maintained

In general, natural calamities pose a risk to the market value of a piece of real estate mainly due to the damage caused. But in the case of properties in Tagaytay Highlands, no telltale signs were seen after Taal’s unrest. That’s because the property was designed in anticipation of critical weather conditions or natural disasters.

The log cabins, for instance, at the community’s top elevations, Woodlands Point, are made of Western red cedar, a durable wood that comes all the way from the mountains of Canada. With this material alone, investors can expect a home that has excellent structural integrity. Carefully handpicking materials to give residents peace of mind and improved comfort, Tagaytay Highlands offers log cabins with wood suitable for the tropical weather of the country. From these log cabins, one may choose between 3- and 4-bedroom units.

The Management Is Proactive

As part of rehabilitation efforts, the Tagaytay Highlands management engaged in aggressive clean-up efforts. Even the top executives willingly worked hand in hand with the employees to ensure fast and significant developments in the estate. Through a team effort, roads, roofs and trees were cleaned. Fire and rescue organizations also volunteered. In the weeks that followed, residents slowly found a sense of normalcy as community spaces slowly got back their lush, verdant appearance.

The management was also able to restore power and water supply in the entire Tagaytay Highlands community days following the upheaval. Residential enclaves were immediately cleared of ashfall and eventually, most of the villages were restored to their vibrant look.

The People Remained Resilient

Today, the management team once again takes a proactive approach. With the recent pandemic and the mandate for an enhanced community quarantine, Tagaytay Highlands has created its own COVID-19 task force, with a licensed physician spearheading the group. The team ensures close monitoring, provides updates to the community, and participates in the government’s efforts to mitigate the spread of infections. 

Currently, the properties are being maintained at the quality level with the strictest hygiene standards, disinfecting all public areas, such as the entrances and frequently touched surfaces regularly. Alcohol and hand sanitizers are available in key areas of the property. Everyone who goes in the community has to go through foot baths and thermal scanning. When looking for a property investment during this crisis, a development that’s well maintained should be a top consideration to ensure safety and good, promising returns.

All club frontliners wear face masks for protection. With strict thermal scanning protocols in place, people who have temperatures of 37.6 degrees Celsius or higher are referred to medical facilities or home quarantine.

Beyond the well-maintained property, a responsive, responsible property management is key to the success of your property investment. Make sure that the administration of the real estate you’re eyeing takes immediate action, especially in the aspect of disaster response.

The Amenities Continue to Serve People

Tagaytay Highlands is a promising investment because its world-class amenities have maintained their first-rate services through the crises. Less than a month after the Taal event, some of the highly anticipated amenities have resumed operations through the aggressive efforts of the management and personnel. 

Today, the facilities remain operational though in limited hours and services as per government-mandated ECQ guidelines. Residents can order their food for take-out or delivery from their signature dining outlets namely The Great Room at The Spa and Lodge, Highlander Steakhouse and Highlands China Palace. To make sure homeowners have the healthcare and basic goods they need, the medical clinic and 7-Eleven convenience store are accessible 24/7 and 7AM to 10PM, respectively.

The best property investments are those that allow you or your future tenants to live life with ease, even in the middle of a crisis. That said, explore the different communities inside Tagaytay Highlands. Check out the log cabins The Woodlands and The Woodlands Point. Tour around the themed homes at Highlands, Midlands, and Greenlands. But if you’re into vertical living, go for Horizon Terraces.

Tagaytay remains to be an ideal real estate hotspot. You simply have to know where to look. Look for a resilient and responsive development. Look into Tagaytay Highlands.