The Ice Tower cometh: SMDC brings the future today

A virtual launch brought SMDC’s latest, its ICE Tower RESO at MOA, into the media spotlight. Beyond the building itself, it was an enlightening hour as we were treated to what could possibly be one of the aspects of the future of real estate here in the country. It’s a concept and project borne out of the COVID situation we still find ourselves in, and could well be part of the surviving and prospering game plan the industry has to evaluate and adapt.


The RESO stands for Residential-Offices, promoting an entrepreneurial lifestyle by combining your office space with your residential address. And the Tower, with its amenities, turns the structure into a living space that caters to both aspects of one’s life — to live, to work, and to succeed. It’s living and working, reimagined in a single location.

The development sits on 3,859-square meter property, with 844 units in two-bedroom, one-bedroom, and studio configurations. Each unit is designed with the needs of the modern business person/ entrepreneur in mind. Fiber optic technology will provide quick and efficient access to the internet. There’s a 100 percent backup power system to ensure no untoward interruptions. It has been designed so all the units enjoy a lot of natural light and ventilation.


Like the best of office buildings found in our metropolis, ICE Tower will have a Business Hub, where functional spaces, office machines and executive services are available. There are meeting rooms and a board room for use as training centers or ideation huddles. A spacious function room can hold company events and product launches.

Entrepreneurs need to network, and there will be a Social Hub that provides that possibility. To de-stress, there’s the Fitness Hub, a resort-styled Central Pool, and a Sky Lounge, where a panoramic view of Manila Bay and the MOA Complex awaits. It goes without saying that the whole MOA Complex is at your doorstep, for whatever dining or recreational activity you may need or desire.

During the virtual launch, three entrepreneurs talked about the challenges they had to face during the pandemic.

During the launch, we had three entrepreneurs talk about the challenges they had to face during the pandemic, and how Work From Home became such a regular thing, that there were things they wished for that used to exist only within an office setting. As the features of the ICE Tower were unveiled, the three were unanimous in marveling how practically all the needs and contingencies for conducting business from home are anticipated by the people behind the design and execution of the Tower.

The ICE Tower RESO is a template for innovation, for pivoting and promoting resilience. It’s a concept whose time has come, and it’s great to know that SMDC has our future available today.

Source: Manila Bulletin