SM Supermalls: Taking targeted measures to drive a constant evolution

Mr. Steven T. Tan’s Online Speech

From September 13th to 15th, leaders and experts from Asian commercial real estate industry gathered at the 19th Annual Conference of Mall China & CASC Expo 2021 to discuss the disruptive prospect of the industry. Mr. Steven T. Tan, President of SM Supermalls, was invited to share operational strategies that can be implemented in the transition under this new situation. During the forum, Mall China released 2021 Professional Competitiveness List and SM China was ranked on the List of Marketing Innovation.

Strategy sharingKeep SM malls relevant to times

Global Shopping Center Investment & Innovative Operation Strategy Conference was held on September 15th, focusing on New Products’ competitiveness, Operating capacities and Capitalization. Shopping center associations and enterprise elites from Asia and Russia brought development strategies and professional experience through online and offline. Mr. Steven T. Tan, President of SM Supermalls, gave an online speech: Making SM Supermalls Relevant For A Post-Pandemic World.


As Mr. Steven said, pandemic life has triggered a reassessment among consumers of their consumption objects, consumption modes, consumption places and purposes. And what’s inside malls and what will make people visit malls will also change. At present, SM’s new strategies and tactics are organized into four main categories: Evolving our tenancy mix, creating new reasons to visit malls, marketing to new customer segments and development of omni-channel services.


Mr. Steven T. Tan pointed out that although the industry is facing the test of epidemic prevention, constant evolution is a way of life for SM. The focus is, and has always been, on SM’s customers. With this in mind, SM will evolve along with customers and the market. True before the pandemic. Even more so looking ahead into the future.

Professional list: SM’s excellence in innovation

On September 14th, Mall China released 2021 Professional Competitiveness List. After evaluation and publicity of the committee and industry experts, Parallel Town-2021 SM Super Carnival @ SM City Tianjin was awarded “Mall China List of Marketing Innovation 2021”, which is judged from the four aspects of “Thematic creation, cultural cation, marketing performance and social benefits”. Mr. Ronald Allan Brosas, SAVP-Operations of SM China, received the award on behalf of the project.

Mr. Allan received the award (the 2nd from left)

In response to Tianjin government’s call for “Haihe International Shopping Season”, SM City Tianjin has targeted young customers and launched Parallel Town-2021 SM Super Carnival since July. Combining the original IP image with ” nighttime economy ” for the first time, it has integrated special food, sports events, entertainment performances and creative crafts, creating an 8,000-sqm social, leisure and entertainment block.

Parallel Town 2021 SM Super Carnival

Through joint business, the project not only promotes activities and helps charity, but also achieves strong traffic attraction and improves management benefit. Thanks to this, the residents of surrounding areas also enjoy a colorful life, especially it has become a great consumption destination of nighttime economy. Up to now, the project has driven the passenger flow significantly, increasing by 50%; The media keep covering the story, reaching over 5.9 million people.

SM City Tianjin

In addition, SM BMS Solution, jointly developed by Asiatic and SM China team, was also listed on Mall China List of Technological Creation 2021. The system fully introduces the concepts of digitalization, Internet and big data services to realize the whole process of digital management of SM China from leasing to operating.

Source: SM Supermalls