Retreat to CALM living in Santa Rosa

Nirvana awaits dreamers like you at SMDC Calm Residences

Sharing a laugh with friends is great. Seeing your family succeed is fantastic. But there is something different about happiness that springs from contentment, fulfillment and serenity.

Perhaps it relates to nirvana, where there is only great peace. How else can you feel content if not by having all your needs within reach, and being with the people you love, in a place where you feel safe and secure? What better place to start than finding a home centered on harmony?

Live a life of transcendent happiness at the new balm of a home in Santa Rosa City. From SMDC, 2020 Property Developer of the Year, comes Calm Residences, a home perfected into a suburban garden community.

Here are five types of dreamers who are poised to find peace in this Southern mid-rise residential condominium. To which group do you belong?

1. The young, the driven

Working millennials and Gen Z’ers chase experiences that enrich their lives. Spending most of their hours working at home, they wish to maximize the prime years of their lives. They want to be close to where the action is.

This is why Santa Rosa’s proximity to urban and rural points of interest catches the fancy of young professionals. Head north and you’ll be in the hottest spots in Alabang or BGC. Go south and you’re in Tagaytay for a scenic brunch or in Batangas for a quick beach escape.

Young professionals, the ‘woke’ generation, support causes. SMDC Calm Residences’ operating on the basis of the company’s three pillars of sustainability (social, economic, and environmental sustainability) perfectly aligns with your practice of sustainable living!

2. Returning breadwinners

Every OFW dreams of giving his family a better life and living in a place where everyone feels at home. Santa Rosa has the unique blend of city bustle and laidback country charm that anyone in the family can appreciate. This level of lifestyle versatility is found at SMDC Calm Residences.

The property’s modern amenities, such as lap pools, outdoor gym and children’s play area are designed for your young ones to enjoy. Linear parks and jogging paths are the perfect spots for morning walks of older family members. At SMDC Calm Residences, you can have the luxury of watching your loved ones having fun and you realizing that all your time away from home was well worth it.

3. Long-term thinking start-up families

Santa Rosa’s impressive economic growth has made it a haven for new families trying to plant roots. There is a growing list of establishments that are important to families, including schools, offices, hospitals, malls, and so much more!

SMDC Calm Residences takes care of everything with a professional property management team that keeps your home well-maintained, secure and clean 24/7. All that’s left for you to do is live your dreams to the fullest every day in the arms of your family.

Even when you are at work, you can be assured that your kids are ensconced in a secure community and that there is always someone on call for any kind of emergency.

4. Locals leveling up

SMDC Calm Residences welcomes discerning prospective homeowners from within and around Laguna – people who want a slice of modern living without losing touch of their country-folk selves.

With residences that are no higher than four floors and are surrounded by a captivatingly lush landscape, you will experience the cosmopolitan vibe while still being able to breathe in the rustic charm of Santa Rosa. It’s the perfect balance between city and country!

5. Go-getters looking for lucrative investments

Santa Rosa’s strong economic performance makes it a white-hot target for investors.

The city is one of the wealthiest in the country with P11.6 billion in total assets, based on the Commission on Audit’s 2019 Annual Financial Report on LGUs. As businesses pop up and people move in, you are sure to reap profits — and find peace – in SMDC Calm Residences.

That, and SMDC’s impressive capital-appreciation track record, assures you that you are making the perfect investment.

Whatever form of tranquility you seek to achieve, all roads lead to a home in SMDC Calm Residences.

Source: SMDC | Manila Standard