Regional business leaders to attend ASEAN Sustainability E-Summit

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MANILA – Business leaders from across ASEAN will gather this week to talk about sustainability, best practices as well as the challenges and opportunities brought on by the pandemic in this year’s ASEAN Sustainability E-Summit. 

The event, organized by SM Investments Corp and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), tackles issues such as climate change and human rights and how the private sector’s role in these issues. 

“Corporates need to make sure that we are setting targets and taking actions to do our part. Of course, the Philippines is particularly important given how vulnerable we are, geographically, in Southeast Asia,” said Tim Daniels, consultant, SM Investments Corp. 

“In requiring companies to become more transparent and sustainable and responsible we want them to make sure that they do not lose sight of the most important resource that they have, which are human resources,” said Allinnettes Adigue, head GRI ASEAN Regional Hub. 

The event runs from Oct. 21-22, 2021

Source: ABS-CBN Online