Palayan City showcases tourism, and emergency response at SM Megacenter

CABANATUAN CITY – On display in the first Town of the Month Exhibit at SM Megacenter here is Palayan City, the capital of the province of Nueva Ecija, featuring its tourism destinations, local products,and advance emergency response equipment. The exhibit runs from May 17 to 31.

Carolyn Licup, assistant mall manager, said that SM Megacenter is the top choice of the locals during this time of pandemic as one-stop-shop destination to buy everything they need at home, and the exhibit is another way to bring tourism closer to the public, to promote the local products and disaster preparedness information from other cities and municipalities in one safe venue.


“It is like a space that you can travel to beautiful Palayan City without literally going there because the best of them is already exhibited here. In one venue, people will be able to know more about the city or municipality to be featured,” said Licup.

Upon entering the exhibit hall, mall goers will find information about the City of Palayan, the vibrant colorful pictures of tourism destinations like the historical Fort Magsaysay and Boy Scout of the Philippines Camp Site, the relaxing view of Aulo Dam and Pahingahan Complex, the adventure to look forward at Kukwit Falls, as well as gastronomical surprises that this city can offer.

Palayan City also has its world–class design business hub, the first IT Economic Zone comprising government buildings, BPOs and hotel.

Also, it features the advance equipment from the City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Team, that the Palayanos are very proud of because of their active preparation for all kinds of disasters through actual drills, trainings and seminars.

Palayan City is also known for its local products that are healthy and serve as another source of livelihood for the locals like their calamansi juice, fruit wine, fruit vinegar, turmeric powder, and honey ginger lemon. 

The ribbon–cutting opening the exhibit was led by Vice Mayor Moises Carmona Jr., city council members and city department heads. Inviting shoppers to drop by at the lower ground floor of SM Megacenter and witness the beauty of Palayan City. Sheen Eugenio/SM-Megacenter PR