Dream desks from Our Home

After more than a year of working from home, it’s time to indulge yourself by creating a working space that’s both decorative and functional.


Whether you’re working from home, having an online class, starting a new business or hobby, or simply browsing the net, Our Home has stylish selections that combine comfort, functionality, and designs.

Choose a desk that’s right for your needs and that suits your space and style. Consider your workflow and activities to make sure that you can use your desk comfortably and productively.

Consider your overall house design in choosing your desk.

Size (and Shape) Does Matter. Making the mistake of buying a desk that’s either too big for your space or too small for the way you work will not be good for your productivity and comfort.

Apart from size, your desk shape does matter in helping you get organized. Rectangular desks, like Our Home’s Gavin’s Office Desk, are the most popular choice. Corner desks for awkward spaces, and wave desks that provide you with the benefits of a rectangular desk while also giving you a larger desktop, are also great alternatives.

Consider Storage. Opting for a chest with drawers is an ideal way to keep your workspace organized. Better still, opt for a desk and storage combination.

Sitting Well. Sitting comfortably at your desk is necessary for making sure that you can be as productive as possible as you work. It will also ensure your back is continuously supported. Our Home has ergonomic chairs for a healthy WHF.

SM Supermalls nationwide offer more Desk and Home Office ideas. Customers who prefer to shop online may do so through www.ourhome.ph.

In addition, Our Home has introduced Contactless Shopping Options for customers who prefer to stay in their homes. Customers can Call & Deliver – call 0917 8315260, pay online, and have their items delivered. They can Shop Live where a personal shopper takes them on a virtual tour of the store via video call. Curbside Pickup is also available.

Source: Malaya