Retailing with a Purpose: SM Store Brings the Filipino Consumer Closer to a Greener Lifestyle


Retail | SM Green Movement

Filipinos can now shop more intentionally, for sustainable and locally-sourced products through SM Green Finds – a program designed to make green living easier and more accessible. 

“Retailers have an important role to play in positively influencing and impacting consumer behavior. SM Store is committed to providing Filipino consumers a platform to access sustainably sourced products through its SM Green Finds program,” said Dhinno Tiu, Executive Vice President for Operations and Sales Support at the  SM Store.

More and more Filipinos across the Philippines can make more intentional purchase decisions with eco-friendly products designed to help everyone live more sustainably and make small changes that can have a significant impact on the environment. “We’re continuously working with our partners and suppliers to ensure a good selection of SM Green Finds are made available in SM Stores nationwide.” continued Mr. Tiu.

In making small decisions for the home, one can opt for linens made of bamboo which is sustainably sourced and utilizes less water in the production process. In SM Store- shoppers will have access to handcrafted products by artisans and social enterprises made from locally sourced materials like rattan, bamboo, and abaca. 

“By educating customers about the importance of sustainability and providing easy access to mindfully-crafted merchandise, we aim to move them to lead more eco-conscious lifestyles. We hope our efforts inspire other businesses and lead the adoption of more eco-friendly practices in the retail industry, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future for the country,” said Ivy Yap, President of Kultura. 

For basic home lighting needs, consumers can shift to LED bulbs which use 85% less electricity than traditional light bulbs. These LED bulbs not only help reduce energy consumption but also produce less heat, making homes more comfortable during the hot summer months. When it comes to basic cleaning solutions- one can opt for eco-friendly and natural cleaners, which are safe for use without compromising the environment.

Water conservation is also crucial, especially during the summer season. There are water-saving bathroom fixtures that use aerators to control the stream of water, reducing splashing and minimizing water wastage. These fixtures help reduce water consumption, making it a win-win for both the consumers and the environment. “Through Green Finds, we are able to offer quality products that meet consumers’ performance and budget requirements while protecting the planet. Our job is to make it easier for Filipinos to pivot to healthier and sustainable lifestyles”, said Bernard Ong, Senior Vice President and Business Unit Head of  ACE Hardware.

For those who are building a green wardrobe, shoppers can choose from a selection of sustainably made and produced denim. SM Fashion also carries a wide variety of eco-friendly footwear. Shoppers will have options from sustainably sourced fabrics that are neither dyed nor bleached, to materials that are made from organic cotton. 

“Fashion plays a major role in this aspect as it not only enhances individual lifestyles but also develops collective economic outputs.  Whether it’s answering human desires for artistic expressions, enabling searches for functional benefits, or just creating value throughout its supply chain, fashion will always be interlinked with the concept of sustainability,” said Aldwin Co, Executive Vice President of  SM Fashion Business Units.

Consumers who are trying to shift to a clean beauty regimen will have access to ethically sourced skincare products that do not contain harsh ingredients. Shoppers can opt for these green products that come in fully recyclable packaging, or instead of regular bottles, purchase refill packs that consume 79% less plastic. “We recognize that our business is no longer just about looking good and feeling great.  We have a role to do good for the planet.  And we know that even small changes can make a huge impact when we all do good together,” said Viki Encarnacion, Sustainability Head of Watsons.

Green parenting is also made possible with sustainably sourced feeding sets and reusable diapers. For kids’ fashion, there is an entire collection of sustainably made and produced clothing line ideal for sensitive skin.

Finally, plantitos and plantitas looking to grow their urban gardens this summer will find a wide array of natural-growing media that utilize by-products like coconut shells and hulls found in local farms and mountainsides of the Philippines. These are eco-friendly alternatives to conventional growing media.

By incorporating these Green Finds into Filipino families’ daily routines, green living is made easy and accessible. 

Promoting Green Living under the SM Green Movement Campaign, SM Green Finds makes green living easy for its customers by promoting products that are eco-friendly, made from natural and local ingredients, and support local communities.