Alfamart: Expanding with Purpose



Super Minimart chain Alfamart continues to reach out to more communities even amidst the pandemic, with many new stores to be added this year.

Alfamart in Kawit, Cavite

Harvey Ong, Alfamart Philippines Chief Operating Officer, said the company is on track to expand its retail footprint to over 1,200 stores this year with the opening of at least 200 stores across Luzon in 2021.

“We continue to be guided by our company purpose of uplifting the lives of residents in underserved communities. We bring this to life by opening stores close to where our customers live and offering them a wide assortment of essential merchandise to address their daily and weekly needs,” Mr. Ong said.

Alfamart seeks to play a bigger role in community development by supporting local entrepreneurs, living up to its tagline, “Always here for You”.

“We want every Alfamart store to benefit its local community by generating employment, providing rental income to its lessors and creating opportunities for local suppliers. We also enable local businesses – such as carinderias and sari-sari stores – who turn to us when they need supplies,” Mr. Ong said.

In its bigger stores, Alfamart invites local entrepreneurs to set up businesses in the store vicinity, enabling them to tap into Alfamart’s strategic locations.

“A growing number of bills payment kiosks, food kiosks and laundry shops, are already partnering with us to offer their products and services to our shoppers. Partnerships are especially relevant now that everyone is reeling from the economic effects of the pandemic. In our own way, we hope to support other individuals or businesses who need a hand to get back on their feet,” Mr. Ong adds.

Alfamart is a joint venture between SM and Alfamart Indonesia, one of the leading mini-market chain operators with more than 17,000 outlets in Indonesia. Alfamart caters to all different types of customers and provides everything from their smallest to biggest needs as it offers basic groceries, select SM Bonus products, fresh and frozen items, snacks such as Turon, and personal care products at affordable prices.