Embracing the Coastal Lifestyle in Hamilo Coast



The shimmering blue waters at the pools or the Pico beach invite and entice.

All throughout the previously unimaginable and drastic behavioral shifts brought about by the pandemic over the past two years, the world has realized an oft-neglected aspect of human life: the need to connect and commune with nature. The forced lockdowns and slowdown of everyday life have now elevated lush greeneries, serene surroundings, and fresh air as non-negotiable elements for general health and wellbeing.

For a number of notable individuals who have moved out of their city dwellings to settle in the outskirts of the metro or return back to their home provinces, either out of personal choice or circumstances, most have noted a noticeably positive effect on their physical and mental health, aside from the overall quality of life. And others, who went further and pivoted to an irresistible coastal lifestyle – by the accessible beach and its accompanying surrounding greeneries, have gained a permanent daily mood and health booster.

Health and safety protocols are in place to ensure a worry- and stress-free environment.

A trending topic for this lifestyle switch now is Pico de Loro Cove along Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas: a private and sustainable community with a long stretch of beach, waters teeming with marine life, and forest-lined mountains, all within walking distance from one’s property. Just a mere 90-minute drive from Metro Manila, the health and safety protocols which the estate’s development and management have put in place have transformed Pico de Loro Cove beyond just a weekend staycation destination. The number of homeowners now living on the grounds has more than tripled since early 2020, as they settled into their new nature-filled, coastal life, considering this seaside haven their new permanent home.

Couple of Francisco and Estrelita Chavez, both from an engineering solutions background, only used to be frequent visitors. However, when the lockdowns started, they chose to move here. “We stayed in Hamilo Coast because we feel it’s the safest choice for us to stay. We’ve been living here for over a year,” they gladly shared.

Remote work also plays a huge part in their reason for permanent relocation. “We are still working but remotely here (from) our Pico De Loro Cove condo unit, but we don’t get stressed, because we don’t need to experience traffic and the congestion of the city. We are going towards our senior years and living in Hamilo Coast is the best decision we made so far to keep living a healthy life,” the couple continued. “We have peace of mind because the environment is healthy, the staff are very nice, helpful and efficient. It’s really like living in paradise,” they admitted.

Enjoy uninterrupted jogs and leisurely strolls around the gardens and the Pico Lagoon.

On the other hand, retiree Ed Ong enjoys the fresh air most of all. “Because I am surrounded by the sea and mountains here in Hamilo Coast, I am assured that the air I breathe is fresh and organic,” he asserted. For activities, he enjoys uninterrupted and laid-back jogs and strolls around the gardens and the Pico Lagoon. “I also swim in Pico Beach. I am glad I can do these cardio exercises regularly to help strengthen my heart and make me breathe better.” Supplemented by round-the-clock security, facilities within walking distance, such as gyms and sports courts, private clubs and dining oases, lagoons, wildlife, marine sanctuaries, mangroves, and more, Hamilo Coast has become the main consideration for those who now wish to permanently move and embrace the natural and coastal lifestyle.


Hamilo Coast is a master-planned seaside residential community in Nasugbu, Batangas. Developed and managed by Costa del Hamilo, Inc., a subsidiary of SM Prime. It is approximately 90 minutes from Manila via Cavitex and the Ternate-Nasugbu Road. For inquiries, call (632) 7-945-8000 or visit www.hamilocoast.com.