SM to Our Stakeholders

SM is committed to inclusive and responsible growth, ensuring that the well-being and success of our stakeholders are at the forefront of our operations. Through workplace inclusivity initiatives, support for MSMEs, community outreach programs, and environmental sustainability efforts, we strive to create shared value and make a positive impact on society.

How We Create Shared Value

First, our customers, then, our stakeholders. By meeting their needs, they embraced our brand.

Our Valued Resources

We take a synergistic approach in managing our assets to deliver sustained returns and foster sustainable development.


Our Integrated Developments

A unique mix of malls, residences, office buildings and hotels facilitating urbanization


The SM Brand

The SM brand is one of the most popular and trusted brand houses of the country


Our Connection to Our Customers

We know our customers, having a clear understanding on what they want

Our Empowered People

We have a diverse group of people that mirror our diverse customers

Our Inclusive Supply Chain Network

We have a diverse group of people that mirror our diverse customers

Our Relationship with Our Communities

Wherever we are present, we help uplift the lives of Filipinos in our host communities


Geothermal Energy & Environmental Assets

We optimize our environmental assets to help in the just transition to low carbon economies


One of the Largest Market Capital in the Country

Php 0 bn

Total Equity

We Value What Matters to Our Stakeholders

We apply a dual materiality approach to understand what matters to our business and also assess our ability to create shared value that our stakeholders could feel. This approach involves assessing both impact materiality and conducting risk assessments.

Who are Our Stakeholders?

How do we engage them?

We developed an effective materiality matrix by collaborating with our key stakeholders. We conducted materiality assessment surveys and discussions to identify the latest issues most important to our stakeholders and those impacting our business. These discussions considered and explored both internal and external factors, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that affect the material topics.

Our Inputs



We identify the topics that are relevant to our governance and operation in the context of economic, social and environment.



We conduct survey to determine how our activities impact our stakeholders and what potential risks are involved.



Our board deliberates on these relevant topics and incorporates into our business strategy and sustainability initiatives.

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