SM conducts several rounds of testing on COVID-19 for over 140,000 in its workforce

In support of the national government’s drive to broaden testing for COVID-19, SM has done repeated rounds of rapid testing and rt-PCR testing for their employees and agency workers, so far covering more than 140,000 individuals across its supermarkets, retail stores, malls, residential and property companies. The group tests against COVID-19 regularly to assure the continuous delivery of its services to customers and to protect its workforce.

Even prior to easing of the enhanced community quarantine in May, SM took the initiative to conduct COVID-19 antibody rapid testing for its employees and agency front liners, including janitors and security guards.

Beyond testing, SM has undertaken additional measures to protect the safety of its workforce.

Employees are provided with face masks and face shields for added protection. Frontline employees are also properly geared for the safety of customers and are provided 70% alcohol in spray bottles. Spaces are regularly and thoroughly disinfected, and cash counters and bathrooms are disinfected throughout the day.

Information campaign on safety and social distancing were undertaken nationwide through posters, videos, and digital channels.

Testing and quarantine protocols are strictly observed.

Temperature checks through infrared thermometers and thermal cameras are conducted in all points of entrance and exit. Employees fill up health check forms daily.

Safe distancing is observed in office areas, including layout changes and screen dividers. Safe distancing markers have also been placed in all elevators.

To support more widely accessible PCR testing in the country, SM donated over PhP 30 million worth of rt-PCR test kits, equivalent to over 20,000 tests, to major testing centers like the UP-NIH laboratory and directly to local government units of cities around Metro Manila, as well as in Baguio.

In addition to rt-PCR test kits, SM Foundation has donated over PhP 300 million worth of PPEs, medical equipment, and facilities to meet the needs of some 150 hospitals and health facilities nationwide.