New SM malls in Puerto Princesa, Tuguegarao go beyond shopping destinations with sustainable designs

(27 October 2017. Pasay City, Philippines) There is definitely more than meets the eye for newly opened malls of SM Prime Holdings (SM Prime), the property arm of SM Investments Corporation, particularly in Puerto Princesa City, the tropical capital of Palawan, and Tuguegarao, the booming town of the North in Cagayan province.

Over the years, SM malls have transformed to respond to various market and environmental changes including climate disruptions. SM Prime’s commitment to disaster mitigation and the reduction of the property firm’s carbon footprint has resulted in the integration of sustainable designs into its malls.

SM City Puerto Princesa

For one, the newly opened SM City Puerto Princesa has cost-efficient, energy-saving as well as disaster-mitigation features. The three-storey mall, which spans a floor area of over 69,000 square meters has high or clerestory windows to allow natural lighting and minimize the use of electricity during day time.

Restaurant and toilet waste are treated via the sewage treatment plant. Rainwater collection is incorporated with the water recycling system which will be repurposed for toilet flushing, plant irrigation, cleaning or maintenance, and other non-potable purposes that helps in the conservation of freshwater. Recycled water will also be used in the air-conditioning system’s chilled water and cooling towers to reduce freshwater consumption. Paver blocks are strategically used in the parking areas to allow rainwater penetration on the grounds to replenish the underground water table.

Its exterior walls use a six-inch thick concrete hollow block (CHB) walls treated with an insulating finish to help reduce the consumption of electricity by the air-conditioning system.

The newly opened SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown which is SM Prime’s 65th mall has taken great care during the design and throughout construction to preserve two large trees along Mabini Street. As a benefit, the East entrance of the mall is located between two shady tree canopies.

Moreover, the mall uses LED lighting and has solar panels installed on the roof deck which can provide 484 KW of electricity. A rainwater catchment located at the entrance driveway can hold an equivalent of 215 cubic meters of floodwater equivalent to 215,000 one-liter soda bottles.

Pleasing and functional designs

The design for SM City Puerto Princesa done by architectural firm DSGN Associates creates a unique identity along the island’s well-known thoroughfare and within a short walk to the popular Baywalk Park and nearby pier. Landscaping and sculptural façade blend the mall into its setting while providing sheltered walkways for pedestrians along the street. Striking glass walls at the main entrances and a dramatic linear overhang stretching along Malvar Road create an impressive and inviting appearance for the mall as viewed from different directions.

Additional entrances to SM City Puerto Princesa also provide direct access to SM Supermarket, the SM STORE, and the mall from the new tricycle and jeepney terminals as well as from the parking areas. Its interior is organized around a triangular, yet efficient plan that allows a clear line of sight to multiple shops on multiple levels at all times. Strategically placed openings within the mall provide convenient access to all portions of the mall, supplemented by a centrally located elevator and stairs and four escalators for optimal customer convenience.

Adding to this experience, the two levels of restaurants clad with wood siding and ample shading allow patrons to dine while taking in the amazing views of the Bay and Thumb Peak.

The main interior focal point is the elaborate ceiling which displays hundreds of delicate handcrafted wooden lanterns, adding to the Palawan feel while utilizing the dramatic surrounding clerestory or top windows to bring in ample natural daylight.

For SM Center Tuguegarao, also designed by DSGN, its blue facade provides an accent to the main thoroughfare. Its interior is organized around an efficient “T” shaped plan that allows a clear line of sight to multiple shops on multiple levels at all times. Strategically placed spacious openings, flanked with sleek escalators and a centrally located elevator and stairs, provide for optimal customer convenience and access to all portions of the mall.

The dramatic, continuous clerestory or top windows bring in ample natural daylight throughout the facility which adds to the gracious and spacious shopping experience of the mall.

Beyond the mall’s aesthetics, SM believes that investing in sustainability safeguards the welfare of customers, tenants and the malls’ host communities.

“More than distinct and iconic designs, SM also takes great care in considering that the designs fit a purpose, for the convenience of shoppers, for energy conservation, for higher visibility of tenants and for easier navigation which have always been the lessons from our founder, Mr. Henry Sy,” Architect Fides Garcia-Hsu, Vice President of SM’s Engineering, Design and Development said.

SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown

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