A survey conducted in partnership with Tangere Marketing Survey and MyTown has shown that to reduce the capital’s CO2 emissions, Metro Manila can benefit greatly from more co-living buildings, as these reduce the daily number of vehicles on the road. 

In Metro Manila, traditional transportation, mostly jeepneys, buses, and private cars, are major sources of carbon emissions, and the manner by which young professionals commute daily. In a report to the Philippine Climate Change Commissioner, the Philippine Climate Change Assessment Working Group noted in late 2018 that transportation is the second-highest contributor of total greenhouse gases in the Philippines, with 35 percent of total emissions. 

MyTown, the first and largest co-living brand in the country, with investors such as SM Investments Corporation and Franklin Templeton, currently has over 3,000 co-living beds located in close proximity to major business districts such as Bonifacio Global City and Makati CBD. This allows young professionals to give up their daily commute and instead enjoy the amenities and events MyTown offers its tenants. 

The result of the survey showed that the young professionals living in MyTown have together managed to curb more than 875 metric tons of CO2 emissions, up from 451 metric tons during last year’s Earth Day. This is equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by around 1,000 acres of forest land for a year, or almost 14,000 tree seedlings planted for ten years, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website. The emission data used is from published work by Herbert Fabian, Transport Program Manager at Clean Air Philippines.

“With each MyTown building we build, we aim to improve people’s quality of life, regain time otherwise lost in traffic, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and educate tenants about how to help do their part,” said Group Director, Jelmer Ikink. 

About PULS 

PULS, established in 2012, is a leading owner, developer and manager of purpose-built young professional housing. PULS specializes in the development of rental housing communities under the “MyTown” brand at walking distance from central business districts in Metro Manila. The company develops communities in which young professionals can live, play and walk to work, hence increasing the quality of life by saving on both transportation time and cost for this important and rapidly growing demographic group. SM Investments Corporation and Franklin Templeton Investments are investors in PULS. 

About Tangere

Tangere is a growing mobile application committed to take the lead in the market-data industry. They currently have 30,000 active respondents who are eager to take their weekly incentivized surveys. Gathering nationwide and geo-specific data about products, trends, and services allows them to provide real-time market research analytics at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveys. Tangere is available in the Google Playstore for free, making it more accessible to all mobile users in the country. As it is constantly being developed to reach more respondents and corner the market, it also helps raise consumer, social, and political awareness to the public, determined to accomplish its mission to elevate the way of life and standards of the society.