Zamboanga school has new building

Students jump for joy over a new school building complete with facilities.

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines — The Zamboanga Central School-SPED Center (ZCS-SC) is the recipient of a two-story, four-classroom school building donated by SM Prime, through SM Foundation (SMFI).

The SM school building is complete with armchairs (some are designed for left-handed students), teacher’s tables and chairs, wall fans, wall clocks, washrooms, and panoramic concave whiteboards in each classroom. Also, SM Investments Corporation provided the school with computers that the students may use to further enhance their digital skills. Two classrooms have been made into a home economics room and a laboratory room.

Aside from the school building turnover effort, SM Foundation conducted a two-day medical mission that benefitted the more than 620 “wasted and severely wasted” (malnourished) ZCS-SC learners, including their parents and siblings. Necessary medical test and procedures were conducted to determine the cause of the students’ malnutrition. Multivitamins and other medication were distributed to address the medical team’s findings. To sustain the progress of the children, SM Foundation will monitor the beneficiaries’ improvement for six to nine months.

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