The Continuing Legacy of Tatang

At the beginning of this year, SM founder and patriarch, Henry Sy, Sr., left this world. His presence, or lack thereof, was felt by his family, staff, the employees of the SM conglomerate, as well as the scholars of SM Foundation, Inc. (SMFI).​

Sy established the SM Foundation, which is anchored on the principle of “people helping people.” It has several programs under it, including Health & Wellness, Operation Tulong Express, Farmer’s Training, Grow a Million Trees, and Education.

It was in Education that Sy was especially involved in. He believed that education was the best defense against poverty. Through the SM Foundation, the organization gives out scholarships — college and vocational — to chosen students from various backgrounds, and builds and donates school buildings and supplies.

But with the passing of its founder, how will SM Foundation continue his legacy?

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