The subtle ray of light passing through the floor-to-ceiling window of your hotel room was enough to wake you up. You unhurriedly slipped out of the covers of your bed, put on the white cotton robe, and stepped out of your balcony to get a glimpse of the morning sun peeking through the famous Taal volcano.

While enjoying the view, you noticed a small gathering of people in the garden. The music then began to play and a woman in a dainty dress walked down the aisle. The sky was immaculate, and indeed, the sun rising from the east is a witness to her dream wedding.

For 80 years, Taal Vista Hotel (formerly known as Taal Vista Lodge) has always been a go-to venue for couples who want to tie the knot in a seemingly pristine location overlooking the Taal Lake. Yet, apart from the breathtaking view, this hotel offers a rich history that has touched many people’s lives through the years.

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