Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Sustainable living is no longer a choice but a pressing imperative in today’s times.

Amid the challenges of the pandemic and continued lockdowns, sustainability has literally become the need of the hour. Even urban dwellers are finding more reasons to choose sustainability—to be able to live in a highly accessible, pedestrian-friendly community near essential shops to cut one’s carbon footprint, in a sanctuary where one can bask in the wonders of nature yet still thrive and feel right at home, and in an environment highly conducive to growing one’s careers.

It’s thus well timed that SM Development Corp. (SMDC) will soon bring to life a sustainable, nature-inspired residential condominium development that seamlessly blends green living with the vibrancy of city life.

Mint Residences, set to rise along Chino Roces Ave. in Makati City, is poised to be a fusion of the modern and the idyllic, where communing with nature doesn’t mean trading the conveniences of an exciting, vibrant city for the tranquil of a more laidback rural setting. Modern wouldn’t be all about towers of steel and concrete sans the lush greens, parks and open spaces.

Fresh take on urban living
This latest project from SMDC instead offers a fresh take on a sustainable, integrated lifestyle with its nature-inspired architecture, calming amenities, sustainable practices, and premium location. This only means living the best of both worlds.

That Mint Residences is located in progressive Makati means future residents will get access to boundless opportunities and possibilities this city can offer—from commercial, leisure, lifestyle to professional and business prospects. A multitude of establishments for social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual nourishment is conveniently located a stone’s throw from Mint Residences while other business hubs can be easily reached from where you live.

If you need to venture out of the city, this bustling neighborhood will easily take you to other destinations across and outside the metro via major thoroughfares like Edsa, South Luzon Expressway, Osmeña Highway, Skyway and Naia Expressway.

It’s highly reassuring of course that sometimes, you need not go far. Within this residential high-rise, just an elevator ride away from your unit are shops offering your essentials—this, as SMDC ensures that the famed integrated lifestyle it pioneered is incorporated across its developments.

Mint Residences is the modern face of sustainable, integrated urban lifestyle.

Mint Residences is the modern face of a sustainable, integrated urban lifestyle.

Respite in the city
A new face of urban living will meanwhile welcome residents as they come home to Mint Residences.

In the midst of city frenzy, you will find a peaceful respite, made even more comforting with its complete suite of amenities, therapeutic use of colors and an ingenious integration of biophilic design.

The residential area features a minimalist yet elegant hotel-like lobby that will prove to be a feast for the senses—with its refreshing shades of green, a serene reflection room that also serves as a library, soothing water walls that blend with a series of vertical gardens with lush flora, as well as meticulously manicured green spaces. The elegantly designed lobby is decked with wood, marble and concrete to complement these features of nature.

Choice amenities meanwhile help ensure one’s health and well-being amid and beyond the pandemic. On its amenity deck, different spaces for leisure are interconnected—from the pool deck to the swimming pool and the lush lawn area where future residents get a breath of fresh air while enjoying quality time lounging and relaxing among loved ones.

Adequate spaces for gatherings and leisure activities can also be found on the amenity deck with lounges, kids’ play area, fitness facilities among others. Ensuring one’s privacy and safety while at the deck are the hedges of green, rising five stories up from the ground.

With all these in place, Mint Residences is no doubt the modern face of sustainable, integrated urban lifestyle.