SMDC Mint Residences: Living closer to nature

The poolside lounge is a modern oasis within Mint Residences


In this prime development, modern urban dwellers can now escape to experience the beauty of nature — without having to move away from the city.

Coming in from a long lockdown and still faced with the harsh realities brought about by the pandemic, it has become quite understandable for people to clamor, not only for a sense of security, but also for an air of serenity from the seemingly madding world outside. Many also want to see life thrive anew in their homes.

Is it any wonder then that countless city folks have suddenly taken up planting?

Urban dwellers can now heave a sigh of relief, as they need not search any farther to find that quiet and ideal sanctuary. By investing in a unit at Mint Residences, they can now experience a nature-inspired condominium lifestyle that seamlessly blends green living with the vibrancy of urban life.

Thanks to its signature architecture and responsibly designed amenities, Mint Residences has made it easier for future homeowners to bask in the sights and sounds of nature that abound within Metro Manila’s newest vertical community.

Experience nature in the heart of the city at Mint Residences

Here, one can experience nature’s soothing qualities without having to uproot one’s self from the city. And since living within the quiet confines of Mint Residences is like being sheltered from the outside world, engaging in physical activity, mindful meditation, and other holistic healing experiences gains more poignancy.

A one-bedroom unit inside Mint Residences

The residential area features a minimalist yet elegant hotel-like lobby bathed in refreshing shades of green. Serenity is no longer just a word, but an actual state of being best experienced within the development’s reflection room which also doubles as a library. Soothing water walls with vertical gardens and manicured green spaces add to an overall feeling of peace and well-being.

Upon entering the development, one is welcomed by a series of vertical gardens and the sound of water trickling down from a central water feature.

A peek inside one of the vertical residences’ living areas

Harmony best describes life within Mint Residences. The scent of nature emanates from its gardens’ and common spaces’ well-tended flora that delicately awakens the senses. The elegant lobby is decked in wood, marble, and concrete elements that succeed in interlacing the modern with the natural. The smooth curvature of each interior, which blends seamlessly with curated plants, instantly soothes and relaxes residents and visitors.

The well-appointed lobby lounge

Mint Residences’ amenity area on the fifth floor also teems with straight lines that connect different spaces designed for leisure. Lines run through the pool deck, which slopes down to the swimming pool. 

The large and lush lawn area, on the other hand, features stepping stones set in a linear pattern and provides enough space for you and your family to relax in.

Specifically designed for lounging, the fifth floor has ample seating and relaxation areas for family gatherings and leisure activities. Families with children will be delighted to find that Mint Residences has ample space for kids to play and run around in. Multi-colored mat flooring and top-notch play equipment ensure both their safety and enjoyment.

Surrounding the area are five-story-high hedges of green that enable residents to bask under the sun in privacy.

A beautifully landscaped common area where residents can relax

A sanctuary nestled in the heart of the bustling neighborhood of Chino Roces in Makati, Mint Residences is also easily accessible via EDSA, SLEX, Osmeña Highway, Skyway, and NAIAX.

A multitude of establishments for one’s social, physical, and intellectual nourishment are conveniently located a stone’s throw away from the development.

Now more than ever, people behind SMDC’s Mint Residences understand that city dweller need green spaces to balance the demands of modern living and the need to find an ideal sanctuary in their own homes.

SMDC’s Mint Residences provides that perfect balance with a wellness-centered abode that serves both as a living space and an escape from bustling city life.

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Source: PeopleAsia