SMDC Glam Residences is the smart choice for millennials on the go

SMDC’s Glam Residences is an iconic 45-story, single-tower development that is set to rise along EDSA in Quezon City.

It is becoming clearer that millennials now have the most purchasing power.

Defined as those born between 1981 until 1996, most of this generation has been in the workforce for close to two decades already with many of them rising to leadership or senior positions and will also likely have begun to raise their families, placing their children in schools and environments with the hope that the next generation exceeds their own success.

For these same millennials, some have begun investing in properties with a long-term plan of either renting those units out or selling them at a much higher value in the future.

A master-planned property such as Glam Residences by SM Development Corp. (SMDC) is one that fits them. After all, it is located right off Quezon City’s rising central business district, namely the Triangle Park, and is in the thick of all commercial activities in northern Metro Manila. It is a vibrant place that is home to high-rise condos, office towers, shopping malls, hotels, renowned medical centers, numerous parks and strategic transport hubs that offer easy access to vital points of Metro Manila.

SMDC’s Glam Residences is also just one station away from the unified Grand Central Station that will soon bring the MRT 3, MRT 7, LRT 1 and Metro Manila Subway projects together. That is the kind of accessibility and convenience that should prove enticing to anyone looking to spread their wings.

Source: The Manila Times