SM Investments joins top 50 global sustainability and climate leaders

MANILA, Philippines — SM Investments Corp. (SMIC) has joined a business group of dedicated global sustainability champions through the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders campaign with a focus on responding to climate change.

SMIC is the only Filipino company to join the campaign that includes countries such as the US, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Kenya, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders platform serves as a response from international businesses to demonstrate their desire, leadership, and commitment to take effective action in the fight against climate change.

The 50 Climate Leaders series led by the TBD Media Group is a multimedia campaign that will showcase effective leadership in: energy transition; climate finance and carbon pricing; industry transition; nature-based solutions; cities and local action; and resilience. Featured documentaries also focus on why sustainable business is better business for everyone, from the ground up- inside organizations, their supply chains and the communities that they serve.

“We recognize our role and responsibilities in creating a more sustainable future. Our footprint today allows us to view our businesses through a larger lens of economic, social and environmental impact,” SMIC president and CEO Frederic DyBuncio said.

SMIC has specific targets to focus its strategic investments and initiatives on in attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Its path to sustainable growth is focused on providing inclusive economic opportunities through multiple partnerships across various segments of the economy; creating positive social impact through its various programs on education, health and food security; practicing environmental responsibility through water recycling, waste management and efficient use of energy among others; and embracing good corporate governance with the objective of building a network of vibrant local economies.

Across SMIC’s businesses, it also focuses its environmental efforts on disaster risk reduction and resilience and climate change adaptation. SMIC works towards business continuity by integrating disaster resilient features in the design of its various properties. It ensures environmental responsibility in its business processes by adopting climate-friendly solutions and instruments to help monitor and mitigate its carbon footprint. Through its banks, it also finances projects that promote climate change adaptation such as renewable energy projects, national infrastructure projects and other clean technology projects.

“For a business to be able to continue to grow and last for many years, it’s very important that it supports the community in a sustainable way. In the end, it’s the community and the environment that sustains the high growth of our businesses,” DyBuncio said.

Source: Philippine Star