The kids of Looc Elementary School were thrilled with the magic and puppet shows prepared by The SM Store.

The SM Store’s Share Movement recently brought the magic of Christmas to the children of the Looc Elementary School as it launched this year’s Share a Toy project.

Away from the bustling city lights, Looc Elementary School lies in the heart of Nasugbu Batangas where it is the second home to hundreds of children. Every day, these kids go to school and attend their basic education classes. On break times, they spend their time running around the vast school grounds, which had an unobstructed view of the nearby mountains. Some also play hide and seek while others happily take turns and play around their little school slide; nothing fancy, it’s a life anchored in genuine simplicity.

But on this special day, there was more fun, laughter and excitement as employee volunteers from The SM Store Lipa and The SM Store Batangas played Santa and transformed the school grounds into a big function — just like a real children’s party. They distributed cuddly plush toys, clothes and grocery items to the children of this humble community.

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