On The Rise: SMDC’s Red Residences at Chino Roces Design District

Designed for living with passion, SMDC’s Red Residences is soon to rise at the heart of Makati’s art and culture strips next to the thriving central business district.

“Buying or renting an apartment gives a person a place to stay, but filling it with cherished and personally picked interior pieces is when it becomes a place to truly live in,” says Kaye Tinga, co-owner of W/17 Home, “We are passionate in helping people turn blank space into a true home that reflects who they are. When we opened, we were inspired by the budding design and art scene in the area. It fit our vision, to always look for fresh ideas in decorating for our clientele.”

Located along Chino Roces Avenue, it is easy to spot W/17 Home’s luscious green exterior. Inside is a treasure trove of handpicked pieces by Kaye and her partner, Andres Vasquez-Prada. They offer a diversified mix of Eastern and Western styles, as well as traditional and contemporary pieces which feature exquisite craftsmanship and original design such as the Hanging Egg chair by Nana Ditzel from Sika Design, which Kaye thinks every home should have; bronze vessels and Peking glass vases from Alexander Lamont; as well as the upcycled glassware designed by Andy, produced locally using recycled bottles.

“We see more young people in the area, coming into W/17, starting to collect what they can for their dream apartment. We always recommend they choose carefully, and take their time, the best homes take years to decorate fully. It is more important to be discriminating in your selection than to purchase things merely to fill space. And another tip: Books make a good and inexpensive way to decorate your space.”

Just a few minutes away from W/17 Home, is the 29-storey SMDC development called Red Residences, that home for passionate individuals. Its upscale look and feel will be complemented by its modern and dynamic design, matching the aesthetic of the area. Units range from 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom flats and boast several amenities such as Think Lounge, Reflective Garden, and a Jogging Path.

Red Residences will be an incubator of new business ventures and creative pursuits with dedicated collaboration zones to promote an inspiring with dedicated collaboration zones to promote an inspiring atmosphere for young urbanites. It features a unique blend of amenities, and spaces that will offer respite from the hustle of urban living just outside its doorstep.

For those with more entrepreneurial minds, Red Residences will also have a dedicated team who can work to connect owners with prospective tenants interested in leasing units. The continued development at Chino Roces is set to make the property a viable business investment.