On being a hotelier and liking it

FOR Miriam Wolber, Radisson Blu Cebu hotel manager, being a hotelier is a passion she “acquired and learned to love” when—while taking a course on certified training in hotel business—she apprenticed in a small hotel in Germany for two and a half years. A people-oriented person, she enjoys meeting people and learning different cultures.

After her apprenticeship, she became banquet and convention manager of Sheraton Frankfurt, an airport hotel with 60 banquet rooms and a convention center with a maximum seating capacity of 1,400 people. Then she thought it was time to take a break and learn more about the hotel business, so she enrolled in a hotel management school for two years.

After her schooling, she worked in Hilton Mainz as food and beverage manager. After which, she felt it was time to leave Germany and explore other parts of the world. She landed in Radisson Blu Resort in Fujairah, where, she said, about 20 percent of the staff were Filipinos whom she found warm, smiling and English-speaking. This made communicating with them so much easier (her English, by the way, she learned in the United States when her father had a work assignment there and the family lived in the U.S. for three years).

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