Everything is within reach with SMDC’s Gem Residences mixed-use development. Photograph courtesy of SMDC

Jumpstarting our careers only to be halted by a seemingly unending pandemic may leave us hopeless about achieving a stable future. But try to look at the brighter side — if we cannot afford going out to spend hard-earned money for travel and experiences, we can put it on more concrete investments like real estate property.

Real estate is the soundest investment option to date because it is tangible, permanent and fulfills a basic human need: shelter. Instead of going to trendy destinations this year, pile up your pennies into something that you and your future family can live in.

Fit for the young mindset
As the first generation of digital natives, we have molded convenience within the bubble of instance access to almost everything. And with the grind mentality we have, our bustling souls need a place that can keep up with our fast-paced lifestyle.

Take out your active side at residences’ premium gym.

Good thing, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) makes this possible with its mixed-use development where a built-in commercial establishment is within the vicinity of the residential units. Forming the 70 percent of the country’s workforce in the next 10 years, we do not need to waste our time taking a vehicle just to get our groceries.

Home for the youthful heart
Millennials may have the “work hard, play hard” mindset, but we also have a more accepting nature when it comes to emotional quotient so having a place that genuinely feels like home is the place to be.

SMDC residences address this sentiment by putting premium hospitality in every structure. For those days when we just want to laze, we can soothe ourselves with swimming pools, gyms and sports courts.

And since our generation also revived the plant craze, SMDC’s lush open spaces and pocket garden are great plus side.

Lastly, millennials maintain a mentality that everyone should be a changemaker so having a home like SMDC that conducts social projects to nurture communities gives us the comfort that we are responsible citizens.

Investing in real estate may sound intimidating, but given its genuine perks, take the quarantine time to think more about it.

Feel at home with its cozy lobbies.