The exhibit displays Angeles’ environmental commitment and advocacy to find creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic wastes such as single-use sachets that are one of the biggest pollutants in the country to date.

Gilbert Angeles’ passion for arts is
ignited by his advocacy and sheer
desire to contribute to global action in helping restore and heal the world.

In his “New Earth, New Life, New Hope” exhibit, Angeles seamlessly connects ecology, astronomy, sociology and artistry in his vibrant “ode to the world.”

“Linear economy is a thing of the past. So by using plastic as a material, we are promoting the circular economy. From waste, it becomes a resource. It also becomes a solution because by doing these pieces of art, it reminds us that we should be more responsible of throwing our waste. The amount that is being put in these art pieces is insignificant, but the impact is great,” Angeles pointed out during the virtual exhibit opening held on March 4.

A highlight of the exhibit opening is a short art demonstration conducted by Angeles for online guests, using GreenArtz eco color paints and binder and ready-to-use shredded single-use plastic laminates art materials. The demonstration is likened to a master class, a fun way of experiencing sustainable artwork while underscoring the value to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic wastes that are heavily in circulation.

Source: Manila Times