Away from the bustling city, Looc Elementary School in the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas serves as the second home to hundreds of little children. Every day, these kids go to school and attend their basic education classes. On break time, they spend their time running around the vast school grounds while overlooking the unobstructed scenic view of the nearby mountains. Some also play hide and seek while others happily take turns and play around their little school slide. Nothing fancy, it’s a life anchored in genuine simplicity.   

But one special day, their second home turned into a big venue for a children’s party.

Students received adorable toys as well as clothes and grocery items from employee volunteers from The SM Store Lipa and The SM Store Batangas. 

The said volunteers played Santa to make these children’s day fun and exciting. 

Aside from toys, they were also treated to a day of fun activities such as face painting, interactive games, magic and puppet shows, as well as bubble shows. 

On the sidelines, there were also hotdog stands and ice cream booths where children enjoyed some delightful treats. 

Mikko, one of the grade school students of Looc Elementary School, shared how much he enjoyed the activities and his new stuffed toy. According to him, such treat happens rarely in their school community.