BDO accelerates digitization move

BDO Unibank Inc. is accelerating its digitization efforts in a bid to entice clients to do more online banking transactions amid the pandemic.

“The digital initiatives do not only revolve around technology infrastructure, but also the revamp of operational processes and the engagement of experts to enable the bank to be more agile and responsive to its clients’ needs,” the bank said in a statement Friday.

The bank has introduced a mobile payment app that links directly to the client’s BDO account and credit card—making banking even more convenient, safer and responsive to clients’ needs. Called BDO Pay, the app will enable clients to use their savings account or credit card to do contactless payments for bills, to online sellers and various stores nationwide.

With this newest initiative, BDO clients need not move in and out of different apps just to transfer money from one account to another. Moreover, having a mobile payment app linked directly to a client’s bank account allows the former to save from paying cash-in fees repeatedly.

Source: Manila Standard