The Philippines’ largest integrated transportation and logistics provider 2GO Group Inc. champions Filipino aspirational values by naming its newest state-of-the-art passenger vessel as MV 2GO Maligaya.

MV 2GO Maligaya is the fastest, largest, and the most advanced ship to sail in the Philippine waters.

The company recognizes the Filipinos’ ability to be joyful and uplifting toward others even in the face of hardships and challenges. Through its new vessel, MV 2GO Maligaya aspires to make sea travel fun, safe and reliable.

“‘Maligaya’ is one of the defining qualities with which the Filipino is known for around the world. ‘Masaya’ is a happy feeling, but ‘Maligaya’ has a sense of deep joy and youthfulness. As a travel brand, we believe this is reflective of the kind of journey and service that you get from us,” enthused Blessie Cruz, 2GO Assistant Vice President for Marketing, during a virtual unveiling.

The MV 2GO Maligaya is the most technologically advanced roll-on, roll-off passenger (Ropax) ship that has set sail in Philippine waters. It features a fun and colorful livery that can energize and enhance the Filipino travel experience.

The company promises passengers to have a relaxing time onboard as this ship is equipped with two restaurants, a salon, a convenience store, a prayer room, clinic, gaming and entertainment areas like ones for karaoke. It also has spaces comparable to private hotel rooms, plus a cruise ship-like grand lobby and lounge areas.

Its grand lobby hearty welcomes passengers onboard.

“The capacity of this ship is massive. It can accommodate up to 800 passengers but more importantly, we accommodate those passengers in much bigger rooms, spaces and common areas,” enthused Dan Fernan, Vice President and Head of Sea Solutions.

Accommodation types include the state room, business premium, tourist premium, business class, tourist class, and the tatami. The rooms and common areas have wider spaces and open-air options for better air ventilation. Passengers also have the choice to book a single room to themselves or their family, which will be ideal to observe social distancing throughout their trip.

Meanwhile, Fernan furthered they are also committed to reliability and consistency as proven by their track record of unabated operations and trips even during the height of the pandemic last year.

“2GO observes proper health and safety protocols to assure safe travels through regular disinfection and sanitation of all vessels and ports of call. Meanwhile, passengers are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks and face shields, and to practice social distancing from check-in, boarding, and disembarkation at all times. The company also ensures that passengers comply with local travel requirements of their destinations,” Fernan pointed out.State rooms comparable to private hotel rooms.

State rooms comparable to private hotel rooms.

While the said new vessel indeed upgrades sea travel experience, the acquisition is also part of their fleet modernization efforts to provide high speed and reliability in the movement of essential goods nationwide

Asked how it will service Filipinos in this challenging time, Chief Operating Officer Waldo Basilla shared, “It’s really the movement of essential goods. Early last year until up to late, we’ve seen some challenges with regards to that – from transportability and access to roads. I think the ability to move essential goods consistently and reliably are the areas wherein we can help.

“Secondly is the transport of passengers. It’s been very difficult to move because of the pandemic. But 2GO has been able so far because of the transportation reliability that we. Our connections – we connect Manila to the very important destinations like Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo and all these other places, we are able to move our OFWs to go back to their families and I think that’s very important. Another is our ability to make sure that it is safe by following health and safety protocols,” he added.

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MV 2GO Maligaya is a larger ship that can carry 40 percent more twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) of cargo capacity compared to 2GO’s current fleet of vessels. It will link Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao via its Manila-Cebu-Cagayan de Oro route.

With a top speed of 23.5 knots, it reduces steaming time from Manila to Cebu to only 17 hours, making it the fastest cargo vessel in the Philippines today. With this vessel’s addition, the company aims to further improve sailing schedule reliability to 95 percent on time.

“The slowest speed this vessel runs is actually the top speed of most liner vessels in the Philippines today. She is very fuel efficient. And when you look at fuel efficiency, the more fuel efficient you are, the lesser emissions it will emit so it also contributes to the environment,” Fernan proudly mentioned.

Made by Japanese shipbuilders and with a German main engine, the MV 2GO Maligaya embodies the latest international shipping standards and technologies, which include an integrated navigation and control system, advanced fire alarm systems, and multiple collision bulkheads as a collision mitigating support, among others.

“2GO has sailed nonstop whether there was a pandemic or not, our ships continue to sail because it was important for us to maintain the cargo links between Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Onboard the ships, we carry essential goods, medicine, things that help the pandemic,” Fernan pointed out.

“Majority of the canned goods that were produced from Mindanao and sent back to National Capital Region for consumption during the pandemic were on our ships. So whether travel was available or not, 2GO will continue to sail because we need to keep it there for the cargo to flow unhampered,” he ended.

MV 2GO Maligaya successfully sailed her maiden voyage from Manila to Cebu on May 30. It is expected to do round trips twice a week, leaving the country’s capital every Wednesdays and Sundays.

Source: Manila Times