Sustainable Operations

As SM’s footprint grows, the ability to efficiently manage resources becomes a top priority. It affects both the performance of the Company and the environment from which resources are extracted. SM is committed towards responsible consumptions, systematically implementing mitigation measures and tracking metrics on a regular basis.

To optimize energy utilization and minimize consumption, SM has integrated environmentally friendly features in its building designs to maximize the use of natural light. Moreover, it regularly measures and monitors consumption. In 2016, SM Prime Holdings, Inc. measured consumptions both direct and indirect for all businesses in the property group.


SM’s property group, SM Prime Holdings, Inc. implements a water recycling system through Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). The system recycles used potable water to serve as the company’s non-potable water source. In 2016, the potable water consumption of SM Prime totaled 14,200,385 m3. Of this 4,707,466 m3 or 33.2% was recycled, equivalent to 1,882 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Solid Waste Management

SM Prime is committed to the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in waste management. In 2016, 87% of the total waste generated by the property group was recycled, followed by 7% that was composted. The other 5% of waste was brought to appropriate municipality sanitary landfills.

Green Gas Emissions
Majority of the emissions generated by SM Prime Holdings, Inc. are scope 2 emissions which account for 37.40% or 509,708 metric tons of CO2. 87.97% of these are from the energy consumption of the malls which cater to an average daily foot traffic of 3.5 million people in 2016. 

My Own Bag | Grow A Million Trees

SM's retail group promotes the use of re-usable shopping bags to its customers of which sale proceeds go to the Grow a Million Trees program.


Sustainable Tourism

SM's leading examples for its conservation and preservation efforts is in its Hamilo Coast development in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is uniquely situated at the apex of the Verde Island Passage, the most vibrant areas of the global Coral Triangle which is the world's center for marine biodiversity. With such rich natural life on land and under water, it is Hamilo's mission to be a sustainable resort operation with conservation and preservation to be one of its primary concerns.

Preservation of Mangroves

Hamilo has made efforts to preserve 10 hectares of mangroves along the shoreline of one of Hamilo's coasts.

Conservation of Oliver Ridley Turtles

Hamilo helps the conservation of Oliver Ridley Turtles which released 77 hatchlings in 2015.

Marine Protected Areas

Hamilo initiated the declaration of 3 coves to be Marine Protected Areas which are now regularly monitored.

Protection of Bird Species

There are 82 bird species recorded and protected at the Pico de Loro cove.