Pasay City—SM Investments Corporation (SMIC) Human Resources Vice President Joann Hizon highlighted the impact that HR practices have on sustainability during the UNGC-GRI Sustainability Summit held on August 20, 2019 at the Conrad Manila, Pasay City.

“HR plays a pivotal role in implementing sustainability practices and sustainability practices affect many HR matters,” said Hizon. “At SM, we not only understand sustainability; we embrace it,” she added.

Hizon sighted that integrating sustainability practices leads to positive outcomes such as improved employee morale, more efficient business processes, increased employee loyalty, stronger public image, and increased brand recognition.

SM has integrated sustainability in daily HR functions which led to a reduction on paper dependence through the automation of HR processes. Even throughout the company’s employee engagement activities and company events, the use of recyclable materials is encouraged for costumes or decorations. The company is also an equal opportunity provider with 66% of its workforce, as well as 22% of its Board, being women. In 2017 and 2018, SM Investments Corporation was recognized by Forbes as one of Global 2000 – World’s Best Employers, ranking 158th in 2018.  

Hizon concludes with a quote from Ellen Weinreb, “Bottom line: If sustainability is good business, then for any organization, the sustainability team is the change maker while the HR team is the lever needed to propel the change.”