In-City Living

SMDC takes an innovative approach to address the impact of rapid urbanization which gave rise to a new breed of Filipino urban dwellers aspiring for global standards of sustainable city living.

In today’s fast paced life, the Filipino’s living habits are rapidly evolving. Standards of “comfortable living” changed with the astonishing rise of urbanization.

The United Nations predicts that by 2050, about 60 -70% of the world’s population will live in cities. This trend is seen in the Philippines as reflected in the report published by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), that in 2015, 51.2% of Filipinos were living in urban areas. This trend is expected to continue following a historical urbanization tempo of 4.4%.  This forecast brings critical issues when it comes to designing the future of urban residential living.


As more people migrate to in-city living, the challenge of residential designs is achieving a good density. A study made by the UN Center for Human Settlements note that a healthy density is about 20 square meter per person.  Apartments in highly dense cities like Hong Kong, New York, Paris and London register apartment sizes averaging 20 – 24 square meters, or even less, due to limited space and high property costs.

In the country, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) pioneered the re-appropriation of living spaces. Its average condominium unit ranges from 24 – 30 square meters for a studio or 1 bedroom unit. This only pertains to the private living area of a resident.

The innovation comes in creating the extension of personal spaces through the concept of common space living. SMDC residential properties allot more than 50% of its total ground space to recreational and social living areas. This means that residents have a much larger actual living space beyond the privacy of their individual units.


Commuting time has put a lot of stress on today’s Filipino urban dweller. Mobility and accessibility has now become a prerequisite to make urban living sustainable.  Today’s Filipino urban dweller wants everything within reach, making the chores of daily living convenient and efficient.

Most of SMDC’s residential developments are right in the middle of SM’s integrated lifestyle cities, giving residents the convenience of mall and commercial business services. With just a few steps away, residents can enjoy an array of shops, services and entertainment in SM malls. This supports low carbon living by exchanging a commute for a quick stroll.


The need to connect is a social issue in the future of city living, with isolation and loneliness as threats to health and well-being, not only for the elderly but even the younger generations. The new Filipino urban dweller is more socially inclusive, embracing diversity and equal opportunity.

SMDC understands the unique and special needs of its residents. Its residential complexes are equipped with ramps and special facilities for persons with disabilities. It promotes a respectful and helpful community culture among its residents. The staff are equipped with the necessary skills to meet the needs and protect the safety of its residents, particularly the children, the elderly and those with special needs.

It also creates a positive and vibrant sense of community among its residents and staff, encouraging fun and meaningful social interactions through social events, sports festivals, and other fun activities.


Today’s Filipino urban dweller loves to capture the moment. With mobile technology, life is now seen through the powerful lens of Instagram. Simple mundane daily routines are now transformed in the art of living, captured in creative artistic vantage points, transforming hashtags to realities.

SMDC adds color to daily living by creating impressive hotel-like ambiance and facilities – Olympic size swimming pools, playful water fountains, state of the art gyms, sports center caliber basketball and badminton courts, fabulous karaoke and party areas, ample jogging paths, colorful playgrounds and relaxing pocket gardens – all add to wonderful experiences enveloped in Instagram-worthy backdrops.


With the rise of urbanization, space is becoming more and more of a luxury. Apartments in megacities around the world command a staggering US$15,000 – US$30,000 per square meter. (about Php750,000 – Php1.5M per square meter)

SMDC understands the aspirations of today’s Filipino urban dweller and has taken innovative approaches to offer quality yet attainable city living, supplemented with budget-friendly, payment schemes.


Residential buildings of the future must incorporate environmental responsibility in its design and services. SMDC integrates proper waste management, energy efficiency designs and pocket green living areas in its developments. It also takes into account disaster resiliency in its infrastructure designs for long-term sustainability of investments.


As the global trend forecasts a massive migration to urbanization, the National Geographic Future of Cities Design itemizes intergenerational housing, air quality through indoor pocket gardens, smart waste management, and accessibility and inclusivity, as characteristics of future-proof urban residential designs.

SMDC takes an innovative and creative approach in pushing the envelope of redefining the future of in-city living to meet the ever evolving needs and aspirations of the new Filipino urban dweller to lead a more sustainable urban way of life.