Drone shot of Looc Elementary School rooftop with logo of Manila Southcoast Development Corporation (MSDC)

The blue of the roof bears the logo of the Manila Southcoast Development Corp. (MSDC). It is a deep royal blue that heightens the lighter hue of blue brightly coating the walls of the two-story, four-classroom school building.

Newly constructed, the building stakes its claim on a land, now covered in rough, grey concrete. Large, square patches of carefully cultivated rice fields surround the school.

This is Looc Elementary School, the 100th school building constructed by SM Foundation in partnership with Manila Southcoast Development Corporation (MSDC). Today, in the town of Nasugbu, Batangas province, it opens its doors to 644 learners (Kindergarten to Grade 6) and 22 teachers.

Hand washing facility in Looc Elementary School in Nasugbu, Batangas

Juris Soliman, head of SM Foundation’s School building-Education Program, said the building is fully furnished, with 200 armchairs, 10 sets of tables and chairs for teachers, 40 wall fans, eight concave panoramic whiteboards, four wall clocks, and four washrooms with flush toilets and washbasins.

“This is the first school building that is all-steel, all-concrete which makes the building highly resistant to earthquake and fire, and termites.  In case of fire, the strength of steel is stronger than any other element. The life span of steel is 65 to 70 years, as compared to concrete, which is only 50 years,” Soliman said.

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