SM Group’s Vice-Chair and BDO Chairperson, Teresita Sy-Coson, shared her thoughts on how the private sector can work together towards sustainability.

GRI CEO, Tim Mohin, presented how sustainability advances business models.

“Sustainability has become an integral part of doing business. Impact Investing gives due importance to both financial and non-financial performance indicators. At SM, we view opportunities with the wider lens of assessing our role in environmental or social issues, which in turn, enables us to identify and better prepare for risks.” Teresita Sy-Coson Vice Chairperson SM Investments Corporation

SM Sustainability champion and UNISDR Board Member, Hans Sy, shared the importance of disaster resilience to business continuity.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development Chair, Sunny Verghese, shared Olam’s journey towards sustainability.

Ayala Group’s Chair, Jaime Zobel, gave an overview of how businesses can support sustainable development.

As a testament to our commitment to sustainability, SM took a lead role in bringing together the captains of Philippine business to pave the way for a more sustainable Philippines at the first GRI Sustainability Summit in the country on October 8, 2018 at the Conrad Hotel Manila. The Summit aimed to promote solidarity towards sustainable business practices and sustainability reporting.

Universal Robina Corporation’s CEO, Irwin Lee, presented URC’s commitment to sustainable packaging.

Union Bank’s Chairman, Justo Ortiz, shared how blockchain technology helps reach the unbanked sectors.

Renewable energy advocate and pioneer, Vince Perez, shared his insights on the road to making renewables mainstream.

SMIC’s Sustainability Steering Committee Vice-Chair and Corporate Affairs Head, Ramon Gil Macapagal, outlined sustainability best practices.

SMIC’s Senior Vice President for Finance, Franklin Gomez, presented how the SM Group has helped advance sustainable financing and investment.

SMIC’s Head of Investor Relations, Timothy Daniels, gave SM’s perspective on how capital and financial market trends drive transparency and growth.

SMIC’s Vice President for Investor Relations, Tristan Choa, facilitated the panel discussion on how companies drive sustainability down the supply chain.

SMIC’s Vice President for Sustainability, Koleen Davila-Palaganas, shared SM’s journey in overcoming challenges and reaping the benefits of sustainability reporting.