The Countdown to Zero

SM ensures environmental responsibility in its business processes and contributes to the protection of the natural habitats where the Company operates. It obtains climate-friendly solutions, adopts instruments that help monitor and mitigate the Company’s carbon footprints, protects biodiversity and promotes access to clean and renewable sources of energy.


112,272 GJ

Fuel Consumption

4.6M GJ

Electricity Consumption

Energy Efficiency Projects

247,000+ units

Lighting fixtures of
converted to LED


Solar Panels in SM Malls

GHG Emissions

Calculated using the equity share approach according to The Greenhouse Gas Protocol

6,922 tonnes CO2e

Scope 1–Direct GHG Emissions

6481,081 tonnes CO2e

Scope 2–Indirect GHG Emissions

3.1M tonnes CO2e

Scope 3–Other Indirect GHG Emissions


3.8M tons

Solid Waste Generated

1.5M tons

Waste Recycled


BDO Sustainable Energy Financing

Aligned with its corporate values, BDO found ways to change the banking outlook in partnership with the International Finance Corporation’s Sustainable Energy Finance program. BDO created a unit focused on green funding to drive market awareness and interest, conduct employee training and develop global partnerships.


of Sustainable Energy
Finance Projects

485.6 MWH

Capacity of renewable
energy generated


tonnes of CO2e avoided per year equivalent to:


trees seeding grown
for 10 years

BDO Sustainable Energy Financing
Project Map