We build a strategic portfolio of investments that are market leaders in retail, property, banking, and other equity investments. By capitalizing on the synergy of complementary products and services, we help accelerate economic activity and create shared value in the communities we serve.

2018 Group-wide Economic Performance

PHP454bn (13.4% )

Total economic value

PHP413bn (12.8% )

Total economic value

PHP41bn (19.9% )

Total economic value

PHP328.1bn (12.8% )

Total operating costs


MSMEs engaged through SM Markets, SM Men, SM Youth, and SM Bags and Shoes

Wherever SM is present, we invigorate local economic activity by creating job opportunities, both directly and indirectly.

One of the best companies to work for

PHP24.9bn (22.2% )

Total employee wages and benefits


Jobs created directly and indirectly

We strive to be a catalyst for development in the communities we serve by making targeted social investments and providing job opportunities to the local communities.

PHP665mn (43.3% )

Total community investments


Beneficiaries of various social development programs to date

We foster good working relationships with all regulatory bodies through highly principled and disciplined business dealings.

PHP24.9bn (8.1% )

Total taxes paid to the government

We protect and ensure the rights and interests of our shareholders.

PHP34.2bn (9.0% )

Total payments to capital providers


Total SMIC market capitalization as of end-2018

We foster inclusive economic activities.

We build long-term relationships with our suppliers and business partners. With SM having diverse companies, each business unit focuses on key elements of inclusive supply chain practices relevant to their core businesses, giving priority to local suppliers whenever possible.