Employee Recruitment and Retention

As a company engaged in highly competitive fields, we make sure that we bring in people who are adaptive and can thrive with and through change. We are also an equal-opportunity employer, selecting candidates based on merit, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, or creed.

Total headcount

Breakdown by age group and gender1

  • Below 30 years old
  • 30-50 years old
  • Over 50 years old
  • Male
  • Female

Breakdown by company1

  • BDO
  • SM Markets
  • SM Prime
  • China Bank
  • 2GO
  • Atlas Mining and Carmen Copper
  • Belle Corporation
  • SMIC

Breakdown by region1

  • Luzon
  • Visayas
  • Mindanao
  • Outside the Philippines

New hires and employee turnover


Total new hires in 2018
52% hiring rate


Total employees separations in 2018 49% turnover rate

1 Data does not include figures from Greenmist Property Management Corporation, a subsidiary of SM Prime.

Employee Fulfillment and Job Satisfaction

In an age where work is embraced more as a vocation and purpose, we promote fulfillment at work by integrating corporate responsibility and sustainability in the core of how we do business.


employees engaged by the
#AweSMatWork Campaign


volunteers in the


Shoe Drive Project

We strive to be an employer of choice. In 2018, we were named as one of the World’s Best Employers by Forbes in their Global 2000 list.

Employee Talent Training,
Development, and Career Pathing

We hire for success. As such, leadership development is an indispensable component of our business continuity. We maintain a healthy balance of seasoned executives with proven track records and promising junior executives who exhibit leadership potential.

2 Data does not include figures from THE SM STORE.

Principles of Fairness,
Equality, and Meritocracy

We foster fairness within SM through thoughtful and comprehensive management approaches which have become ingrained in our culture.

We established an automated Performance Appraisal Management System which incorporates feedback sessions.

We have an open-door policy for all management employees.

Our human resource team conducts one-on-one discussions with employees, allowing our people to share concerns in a safe environment.

Under our Policy on Accountability, Integrity, and Vigilance, we provide a secure process that gives employees the opportunity to report any supposed irregularities.

Percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements per company


of total senior management roles are held by women 3


of our employees receive performance review

3 Data does not include figures from THE SM STORE, Atlas Mining, and Carmen Copper.

Celebrating #AweSM at 60
through Employee Engagement

The heart of our 60th Anniversary celebration comes from the passion and commitment of our employees. As part of the various anniversary activities, we launched #AweSMatWork to celebrate diversity and inclusion, and fortify values of delivering excellent service and giving back.

SM Women 60

We honored women in the company who best exude the values and characteristics of the ideal SM Woman

Fun Run



Exceeded target by



Shoe Drive




beneficiaries in 88 public schools


volunteers from 75 retail branches and malls

The AweSM Tree Count


fruit bearing trees planted in Batangas, Pampanga, Iloilo and Davao

Ultimate Talent Search


acts showcased