In today’s fast paced life, Filipino living habits are rapidly evolving with the astonishing rise of urbanization. SM Development Corporation (SMDC) takes a ground-breaking approach in addressing the impact of urbanization as it introduced a paradigm shift on how we define urban living spaces without compromising the quality of life we are aspiring for.

Rethinking the Concept of Space

As more people migrate to in-city living, the challenge of residential design is achieving a good density. While private living spaces efficiently utilize smaller spaces, the innovation comes in creating extensions of personal space through the concept of common space living.

We allot more than 50% of our development’s total ground space to recreational and social living areas. This means that residents have a much larger actual living space beyond the privacy of their individual units.

Facilitating Convenience

Mobility and accessibility have now become a prerequisite to make urban living efficient and more sustainable. Most of our developments are situated in the middle of SM’s integrated lifestyle cities, giving residents the convenience of mall and commercial business services.

Emerging New Approach to Inter-generational Living

A fresh perspective on intergenerational living has emerged as families find value in living within close vicinity, enjoying both the benefits of family support while maintaining a sense of personal space. Allocating more spaces for common use facilitates intergenerational living, catering to diverse needs of our residents across generations.

Promoting a Strong Sense of Community

The need to connect is a social issue for the future of city living, with isolation and loneliness as threats to health and well-being, not only for the elderly but even the younger generations. We promote a respectful and helpful community culture among our residents.

Our residential complexes are equipped with ramps and special facilities for persons with disabilities. Our staff receives continuous training to be equipped with the necessary skills to meet the needs and protect the safety of residents, particularly the children, the elderly and those with special needs.

We create a positive and vibrant sense of community among our residents and staff, encouraging fun and meaningful social interactions through social events, sports festivals and other fun activities.

Environmentally Responsible

Residential buildings of the future must incorporate environmental responsibility in its design and services. We integrate proper waste management, energy efficiency designs and pocket green living areas in our developments. We also take into account disaster resiliency in our infrastructure designs for long-term sustainability of investments.

As the global trend forecasts a massive migration to urbanization, we continue to push the envelope to provide suitable solutions to future-proof our residential designs for a more sustainable urban way of life.