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Every company in the SM group defines its sustainability focus areas according to the unique material aspects
of its core business while aligning to SM’s group-wide sustainability framework

Leading player in creating Philippine modern
retailing and most diversified retail portfolio

Transforming the Philippine Retail Landscape

With a nationwide footprint, we are in a unique position to influence our suppliers and our customers, serving as the gatekeeper of the Philippine consumer market. We take on this role with great responsibility and genuinely want to make a difference to the millions we touch every day.

1We build heritage
store brands

We built brands that have become part of the Filipino way of life and serve as platforms for local products to gain wider reach.

SM Store

For more than 60 years, the award-winning THE SM STORE has been the number one choice of Filipinos for their fashion essentials. Starting out as a shoe store in downtown Manila in 1958, it has grown to be the largest department store in the country with a wide range of products.

We offer world-class holistic shopping with a complete range of merchandise and basic services at the most accessible, convenient and practical means.

Kultura is the shop for all things Filipino. We showcase local artistry and craftsmanship, and sustainably made products from all over the Philippines for a unique shopping experience.

2We develop Filipino
specialty store brands

We develop Filipino specialty stores that display an array of local and international brands, showcasing distinct features and latest trends, meeting the niche market needs and unique interests of our discriminating customers.

Baby Company emerged as a leading baby specialty store

Toy Kingdom makes children’s dreams come alive

Pet Express meets the needs of furry friends

Sports Central caters to fitness enthusiasts

Home World brings color into your home

3We are the gateway
for international
specialty store brands

We provide an avenue for international brands to enter the Philippine retailing landscape and serve as the window to the world for Filipinos to have the convenience of global brands within their reach.

Miniso provides customers with quality, creative and low-price products

Body Shop promotes health and well-being while protecting animal rights

Ace Hardware is your local, global hardware that remains helpful to the local community

Watsons makes you look good and feel good

Forever 21 brings practical daily wear

4We create shared value
for our stakeholders

We provide an avenue for international brands to enter the Philippine retailing landscape and serve as the window to the world for Filipinos to have the convenience of global brands within their reach.





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Items collected for The
Share Movement since
its inception in 2015

The largest department store chain in the Philippines

Providing Excellent Stakeholder Experience

We serve millions of customers everyday, dedicated to providing exceptional customer experience by incorporating sustainable business practices from the product brands we carry, our store design and operations, and our customer service.

Beyond our customers, we also aim to provide exceptional brand experience for all our partners - cultivating an empowering work environment for our people, promoting the culture of sharing to help our communities and providing opportunities for MSMEs to grow their businesses - all to generate shared value for our stakeholders.

Our People

The power behind our exceptional customer experience is our people. We place value in their development and well-being through many training and recognition programs.

The Customer Service Rewards Program

Now on its 7th year, the CSRP recognizes exceptional performers and rewards them during a night of glamorous celebration and a long-term career path.

The SM Academy

THE SM STORE develops its leaders through the SM Academy, providing on-line and on-the-job development programs in pursuit of personal and professional development.

Our Communities

We promote a culture of sharing and purposeful giving among our shoppers and our people through

Share Shoes

We engage our customers to help give shoes to our community partners.

Donate A Book

We foster the love for reading through our Donate a Book campaign.

Share A Toy

We help children develop creativity through our Share A Toy program.

Our Entrepreneur Partners

We help promote entrepreneurship by serving as a market to
budding MSMEs and start-ups.


MSMEs engaged by

Our Customers

We create exceptional shopping experience for our customers through our products, our stores and our excellent customer service.

Brand Experience

THE SM STORE has launched local brands such as Parisian, the Filipino shoe brand, in 1958. Today, it has evolved to SM’s iconic shoe brand and continues to reinvent itself.

Store Experience

Transition to LED Lighting

We aim for all our stores to be energy efficient. We have converted our lights to LED to help conserve energy and reduce our operational footprint.

Water Efficiency

We installed water saving facilities in all our washrooms and we continually participate in the water recycling initiatives of SM Supermalls.

Responsible Waste Management

We practice responsible waste segregation and management in all our stores, and participate in all waste recycling programs of the malls.

Customer Service Experience

I am your Friend.

I am your expert.

I am your cheerleader.

The mother brand of SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore Market

A Bonus for the Filipino Family

Filipinos place high regard on value for money. Accustomed to careful budgeting, our skillful shoppers require good quality products at reasonable price points. Tapping on SM’s business network and resources, we created a brand custom-fit for the Filipino family, with a bonus value for social good.

A dream to give bonus value for Filipino families

SM Bonus started in 1986, from a simple idea of Henry Sy, Sr., SM founder. He thought that since Filipinos worked so hard for their families, they should have access to quality basic food and household products that gave value for their hard-earned money.

The Seal of SM Quality

Our customers want only the best for their family, patronizing brands they can trust. With the SM brand, customers can be assured of the quality and safety of SM Bonus products, adhering to regulatory good housekeeping standards.

Serving as an Avenue for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

We provide opportunities for MSMEs and budding startups to penetrate the wider retail market by supplying for SM Bonus. We help our MSME partners be more competitive by providing complimentary consulting services on basic packaging, marketing and meeting regulatory requirements. We also equip them with entrepreneurial know-how, helping them grow within limited resources. Our partners also gain financial leverage through the services of our banks.

A Wide Range of Budget-Friendly, Good Quality Products, Accessible Nationwide

We offer a wide range of products, from fresh produce, grocery items, health and beauty items and household products, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


SM Bonus stock
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suppliers are

One of the largest integrated property
developers in Southeast Asia

Four Sustainability Pillars

True to its vision, SM Prime continues to create a better world for Filipinos across the country by putting forth Lifestyle Cities. Access to world-class malls, luxuriously affordable residential and leisure home properties, complete the Filipino life while office properties and hotels and convention centers complement it. All stakeholders benefit from a totally improved lifestyle experience, and it is thanks to the core foundation from which four sustainability pillars rise: Economic, People, Environment, and Community.


As a major driver of the economy, SM Prime observes good corporate governance to enhance shareholder support and remains a catalyst for well-placed investments. The Company brings more value to the community through its many businesses, which increase economic activity.


SM Prime exists with a sense of responsibility towards the environment and believes in the balance with nature. In order to be sustainable, the Company must practice resilience in its systems and operations while more public and private partnerships strengthen its commitment towards a resilient Philippines.


Wherever an SM Prime property is located, its community is enriched by the SM-instituted plans and programs. Facilities and CSR programs promote inclusivity and cooperation with all stakeholders. SM finds pride in its service to the community and the opportunity to improve life for all.


SM Prime promotes the dynamic growth and developmental programs and activities. The invaluable contribution of the employees extends to the relationships within and beyond the Company. As the Company grows, so does the employee who adheres to proper principles.

The country’s largest bank in terms of assets,
resources loans and assets under management

Sustainability Framework

The Bank’s Sustainability Framework defines the strategies that serve as guideposts in its journey towards sustainability.



Human Capital

Disaster Response


BDO’s Path in Creating Shared Value

Find Creative Ways Towards Financial Inclusion

BDO Foundation brings the bank’s out-of-the-box principle of “We Find Ways” to a whole new level as it breaks ground with its ingenious approach to financial inclusion. In partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), BDO launched the financial education program for public schools, in support of DepEd’s efforts to strengthen the financial literacy component of its K to 12 curriculum and enhance its capability to train teachers and non-teaching personnel on personal financial management. The initiative is also aligned with BSP’s National Strategy for Financial Inclusion.

Holistic Approach to Financial Education

“It’s very important that students start the habit of saving while they’re young. This is part of our strategy for greater financial inclusion among Filipinos in the long run.”

Mario A. Deriquito

President, BDO Foundation

Financial education is not just about money. The program employs a holistic approach, incorporating financial education into the teaching of subjects like Araling Panlipunan on contrasting needs versus wants, Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao on the value of hard work and resourcefulness, and Mathematics on the rigorous exercise of budgeting and financial planning.

Comprehensive, Creative and Interactive Learning Materials

"Young people like watching videos. We thought it would be best to come up with financial education videos that would not just catch their attention, but more importantly, educate them."

Mario A. Deriquito

President, BDO Foundation

BDO Foundation, in partnership with DepEd and BSP, developed resources consisting of 10 sets of educational videos, lesson plans and discussion guides covering such topics as saving, budgeting, investing, managing debt, avoiding scams and entrepreneurship, among others. These materials are now uploaded on DepEd’s learning portal, an online library where teachers get most of the learning resources they need in the classroom.

Teachers and
Personnel Learning

A survey conducted by Standard & Poor's reveals that only 25 percent of Filipino adults are financially literate. This is lower than the global average of 33 percent. It is necessary for us to equip our teachers with knowledge, tools and resources on financial literacy so they can serve as role models to our children.

Singing our Way
to Financial

Harnessing the Filipino's love for music, BDO Foundation found a way for pupils to learn - make them sing the lessons to the tune of familiar folk songs like “Tong Tong Pakitong-kitong” and “Magtanim ay 'Di Biro.”

One of the leading private universal banks in the Philippines

Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap

China Bank’s sustainability is underpinned by the enduring relationships of trust we have built with our stakeholders. We are driven to continuously create value by delivering on our role to our stakeholders and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

100 Years of Sustainable Banking Relationships

The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of China Bank. With the theme "Celebrating the Past. Embracing the Future", we commemorate this milestone by preserving our legacy while moving forward to better serve our stakeholders. The Bank’s leaders have built a reputation for uncompromising integrity, service excellence and commitment to clients' financial success. Over the years, China Bank has helped businesses succeed and families prosper, while doing its part for the country, society and the environment.

Corporate Developments

The largest end-to-end logistics
solutions provider in the Philippines

Facilitating Economic Activity and Creating Shared Value

The 2GO sustainability framework serves as the backbone of our services – improving economic value generated for the industry, economic value distributed to key stakeholders and economic value retained for the company. We achieve this while creating shared value to our stakeholders and mitigating our environmental impact.

Our sustainability framework describes our approach to delivering positive stakeholder value. We maintain a customer-focused approach in providing an integrated end-to-end supply chain solution that is grounded on our care for our customers, our employees, our partners and the environment.

Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation
One of the largest producers of copper concentrate in the Philippines

Drilling Sustainability Principles at the Core

Atlas Mining is a responsible steward of the resources, people, communities and environment that are entrusted to us. We are committed to protect the welfare of our employees, provide our host and neighboring communities with opportunities for livelihood, employment, education and contribute in the protection and restoration of our natural environs. Guided by the principles of safety, social development and sustainability, we ensure long-term growth for future generations.

Risk Management and
Optimizing Opportunities

Atlas Mining adopts a risk management approach that ensures adequate mitigation measures without curtailing the Company’s ability to innovate and capitalize on opportunities.

The Board of Directors of Atlas Mining has constituted the Board Risk Oversight Committee (BROC), composed of Independent Directors, responsible for the oversight of the Company’s risk management system: how the Company manages its existing risk sources and minimizes the likelihood of their occurrence.

Together with Carmen Copper’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee, the Company rolled out policies and implementing guidelines at all operational levels. Risk dashboards, standard risk assessments, remediation measures and identified high probability risks are monitored and reported monthly.

A developer of premium tourism and leisure destination in the Philippines

Sustainability Framework

Our sustainability framework serves as our guidepost in delivering responsible leisure experiences.

Across our businesses, we focus our strategy on creating value for our stockholders and meeting the evolving needs of our stakeholders, while ensuring that we cultivate our partnerships and use our resources responsibly.