We recognize that having a strong culture anchored on
common values is essential for us to achieve concerted effort in creating shared value.


Leadership. Integrity. Hard Work. Innovation. Sustainability. Accountability.

Our People Culture

As the parent company, we undestand our role in cultivating a culture that develops leaders within our group who possess both the skills required for business growth and the values that promote the greater good of our stakeholders. We focus on key areas that are critical in shaping our culture to help us meet the needs of our dynamic business and create meaningful value of our people.

Balancing Supportive Growth
and Effective Oversight

In everything we do, we strive to achieve the right balance of empowering our people while maintaining effective oversight. This mirrors how we approach our role in supporting our businesses achieve their growth objectives while providing safeguards for good governance practices.

Embedding the
Entrepreneurial Spirit

We provide a conducive environment for our people to engage in challenging projects while ensuring a safe environment for learning and development. By promoting a project management culture, we provide our people various assignments within our group, allowing us to incubate ideas and processes that lead to best practices, while grooming our people for higher leadership roles. We encourage open communication of ideas, motivating our people to be more engaged and do their best.

Upholding the Principles
of Equal Opportunity

We protect the dignity of our people, look after their welfare and protect their rights. We promote fairness and the culture of meritocracy through appraisal systems and constructive discussions. We uphold the global principles of human and labor rights, actively demonstrating our commitment as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and promoting the culture of good governance and sustainability in our workplace, as exhibited in our policies and code of ethics.

Nurturing a Sense
of Community

We make every effort to provide our people with a sense of safety and well-being and create a fun and nurturing environment where our people can build supportive work relationships, promoting a sense of belonging where everyone looks out for each other.

Working with a
Larger Purpose

We empower our people with opportunities to develop their full potential, try different roles and participate in community building activities so they can create meaningful experiences at work. We also celebrate their accomplishments and recognize their contributions to the company, appreciating their significance to the greater goal. In all this, we hope that our people will continue to choose us as their partner in achieving their life’s work purpose.