For a brand of less than five years, Coffee Brewtherhood had to learn quickly in adapting to the changes that the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it. Founded on the value of brotherhood among the baristas they’ve trained, it was the same bond that got Coffee Brewtherhood through.

For Andrew Canamo, owner of Coffee Brewtherhood, providing the necessary tools and equipment his team needed helped ease their fears. “We treat our employees like family, a ‘brewther’,” shares Andrew. “Perhaps because of that, they also value their work and we are very grateful for their dedication to their jobs.”

 Coffee Brewtherhood became one of the early adopters of third-party delivery services. Coupled with strong online presence, they were able to continuously serve their customers during the lockdown. While Covid-19 brought unforeseen challenges, Andrew keeps in mind the lessons they learned. “Technology helps a lot,” shares Andrew. “Your business should have a strong online presence, it will help you stay relevant n this evolving economy.” 

It was also during this crisis that Andrew saw the power of partnership. “SM does really care for its tenants and customers,” exclaims Andrew. While SM supported its MSME partners through marketing, Andrew and his team worked hard in getting their brand out.

Lastly, Andrew realized that it takes a whole team to make a business work. “Take care of your employees so that they’ll take care of your customers and business,” concludes Andrew.

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