Launched in July 2016, Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea Bar was first to introduce nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee in the country. It fast became the country’s health buff and coffee drinker’s favorite, not only because of its creamy, frothy texture and rich taste, but also because of its health benefits due it its low-acidity level.

While it took the country by storm, Nitro 7 was faced with an unexpected challenge – the Covid-19 pandemic. While most businesses are in survival mode, Richard Torres, owner of Nitro 7 and his team did everything to keep the business going by innovating their approach.

“In the middle of the lockdown, we came up with the Nitro 7 Be-Your-Own-Barista Cold Brew Kit,” exclaims Richard. “We offered these with the idea that they could enjoy both our signature black cold brew, as well as their favorite blended drinks while safe at home.”

In times of crisis, the Nitro 7 team learned that while creativity and adaptability are important, having a strong partnership with their employees made a difference. “We are blessed as our extremely competent Operations Manager, Ava Morales, helped bootstrap our finances, put out fires, keeping us afloat despite our limited manpower and mobility,” Richard exclaims proudly.

Moreover, it is also through these challenges that we build long-term partnerships. “SM displayed a bayanihan spirit,” expresses Richard. “SM generously offered acceptable percentage shares which allowed us to continuously employ our team and serve our passion.” To Richard and the Nitro 7 team, this crisis taught them that we are all part of a community, so we must be willing to help wherever we can.