Chef Sandy Daza’s love for cooking started with his love for eating. However, he found his passion for promoting Filipino cuisine when he served as waiter and chef at their restaurant in Paris, Aux Iles Philippines. “I would be so proud whenever the French tell me how much they loved Filipino food,” recalls Sandy. In everything he creates, he is guided by his philosophy, “Surprise the Diner.” He travels the country to taste common Filipino cuisine cooked in different ways. “I believe that there many familiar Filipino flavors and unusual dishes hidden in the providences of the Philippines,” shares Sandy. “I want everyone to say that Filipino food is very good.” 

 This inspired him to create the Casa Daza Empanada, having the original, which is a mixture of pork and beef, and chicken flavors, and a unique pork humba flavor. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they continue to serve their customers through the take-out service option, which is supported by SM Supermalls through the delivery and pick-up service providers and options it has organized. Amid the current challenges, Sandy remains optimistic. He continues to create new imaginative products like fried siopao, Sampaloc (tamarind) juice, and many more in preparation for a stronger 2021. 

 “I received the best advice from my mother early on,” says Sandy. “If it tastes good to you, serve it.” To know more about Casa Daza’s empanadas and other delicious offerings, like their Facebook page @CasaDazaByChefSandy.