SM Cares

SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation which focuses on mall-based programs, which aims to make SM malls a “mall for all.” It manages the corporate social responsibility program of SM Prime with programs for children and the youth, women and breastfeeding mothers, persons with disabilities (PWDS), senior citizens, overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and the environment.

Program for Persons with Disabilities

All SM malls are designed to meet the needs of PWDs such as dedicated areas for parking and disembarking, special restrooms, ramps, braille signages, designated seats in the theaters and dining rooms and utlilities within accessible heights. It also conducts annual special movie screening for the deaf and the blind and conducts annual awareness walks for autism and Down syndrome.

Program for Senior Citizens 

SM Cares champions the causes of senior citizens. In partnership with various organizations it implements programs to encourage the active participation of senior citizens such as Casual Employment, Elderpreneurships and Oldies but Techies workshop.

Program for Women and Breastfeeding Mothers

SM cares for the delicate needs of women by raising awareness on breast cancer. It also supports the strong bond between mother and child by providing breastfeeding stations in all SM malls.

Program for Children and Youth

In partnership with UNICEF, SM protects the welfare of children by providing access to clean drinking water. It also raises awareness on the importance of a child's over-all development by promoting access to essential nutrition and health services.

Program for Overseas Filipino Workers

SM cares for needs of families of OFWs by providing services like processing international remittances, long distance calls and many others at the SM Global Pinoy Center.

Yolanda Housing Project

SM Cares helped the victims of Typhood Yolanda (Haiyan) rebuild their lives by putting up 1,000 homes with disaster-resilient features in sustainable communities in Cebu, Iloilo, and in Leyte particularly in Tacloban and Ormoc.