Image shows a work titled “Transit on the Spectrum.” Persons with autism spectrum disorder are becoming a valuable part of the workplace. (nolagrrlnyc on Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND)

MANILA, Philippines — Advocacy groups are helping promote the rights of persons with autism and their families but their benefits continue to expand as non-profit organizations are now pushing for career placements for them.

Autism Pinoy website, intended for families dealing with autism spectrum disorder in the country, said modern research no longer refers to it as a neurological or psychological problem. Instead, it cited that researchers now consider autism as a biological condition that involves genetic susceptibilities, environmental toxins, immune dysfunction, nutritional imbalances, and dietary sensitivities.

To promote autism acceptance and inclusion in the country, businesses are now open to accepting PWAs.

In 2016, mall giant SM began creating a workplace inclusion program for PWAs.The mall, carrying SM Markets and its grocery shops including Supermarket, Hypermarket and Savemore, welcomed PWAs starting from one pilot store to 17 stores nationwide. The move was in partnership with non-profit organization Autism Society Philippines.

“Our PWA participants have gone a long way from displaying products on the supermarket shelves to becoming productive, improving their social skills, making more friends, inspiring other workers and delighting our customers,” SM Supermarkets shared in its Facebook page.

Source: InterAksyon