In celebration of their 60 years, the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), in partnership with SM Supermalls, is hosting a conference on October 29 at Conrad Manila, featuring Paco Underhill – a global pioneer in retail anthropology and shopper science.

Underhill is the author of three bestselling books such as Call of the Mall, What Women Want. His first book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, has been translated into 27 languages and has sold more copies than any other retail book in history.

He is the most sought-after resource in the field, with his insights being published in publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and was profiled by Malcolm Gladwell in an editorial at The New Yorker.

The conference is the first installment of PANA’s new learning series called The Brand Master Sessions, which aims to feature international gurus, to give more global learning opportunities for our local brand marketers. This is part of PANA’s commitment in its 60th year milestone, transforming from a marketing effectiveness self-regulating body, to a champion for responsible brand building.

Decoding the Science of Shopping

In his 30-year career, Paco Underhill has established himself as one of the foremost researchers in shopper behavior. With his company Envirosell, he has surveyed thousands of retail spaces across the globe, collating data to better understand how shoppers interact with places, services, and things inside the store, and how this affect store performance.

An environmental psychologist by training, Underhill aims to make retailers understand how store design, layout, and merchandising, can either increase or decrease a shopper’s tendency to buy.

“We at PANA believe that shopper science is one of the most relevant topics to offer marketers today,” said Anna Legarda, 2018 PANA President. “While businesses spend money on advertising and marketing, there is also the reality that Filipino shoppers to- day are on saving mode, due to rising inflation rates. How can businesses keep track?” Legarda also cites that shoppers have become more complicated, with more product choices and sources of product information.

Expect Underhill to cover these topics, along with new research on online retailing, retail industry trends, and case studies from emerging markets. The topics to be covered are of relevance today due to the current issues like high inflation, tightening of budgets, and with Christmas shopping around the corner.

The first PANA Brand Master Sessions featuring Paco Underhill will be held on October 29 at Conrad Manila. To register, visit www.pana, or contact us at, or call +63 5348580.

Source: Inquirer