Treasure from the Good Earth

"Entrepreneurs are everywhere. It's a matter of giving them opportunities."
- Tessie Sy Coson

There is a farmer in everyone. Even before the threat of food sufficiency becoming a global concern, Tatang Henry Sy reached out to Filipino farmers by providing sustainable farmers’ training programs. With the average age of Filipino farmers being 57 to 59 years old, it is vital to bring back the love for farming among the younger generations. Today, farming is no longer limited to a rural setting, but in urban areas as well, through modern and innovative farming techniques.

Bringing Back the Love for Farming

We are now faced with a future that no one would ever conceive 50 years ago. Farming has become a profession of the past. Through the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Farmers’ Training program, the joy of farming is slowly gaining ground.

Farming is a Way of Life
Rural and Urban Farming

From Farmer to Entrepreneur
  • Land Preparation Techniques
  • Modern Farming Technology
  • Social Entrepreneurship Courses
  • Market Linkages through Buyers’ Forum
  • Harvest Festival Celebrations

Impact to Date

Special Feature

From Ashes of Fighting to Abundance from Farming

221 Graduates from 2 Municipalities from 17 Barangays

From the devastation left from the battle, the people of Marawi went back to their homes and began cultivating the land that once nourished their families and nurtured their dreams. Through the SM Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Farmers’ Training Program, we were able to help provide modern and sustainable farming techniques. We joined hundreds of families who have taken their first steps in rebuilding their lives.

Opportunities that matter

“You are young with the future before you. If I can do it, the young people of today can do it too.”
– Henry Sy, Sr.

SM Foundation patriarch, Henry Sy, Sr., believes that education is the gratest equalizer. Aligned with this notion, SM Foundation offers college and technical-vocational scholarship grants to help the youth find gainful employment and development to their full potential. To upgrade the quality of public education, SM Foundation builds public school buildings with fully-furnished classrooms.

Impact to Date

What is in every SM Foundation school building?




Armchairs including
20 designed for left-
handed students


Teacher's desk sets


Wall Fans






Wall Clocks




Wide Access

Innovations in SM Foundation school buildings

Student arm chairs for left-handed children

curved blackboard for staircases panoramic vision

Fire Alarms

PWD-friendly washrooms inside every classroom

Access to Universal Healthcare

"When our spirit and body are well, we are happy."
- Nanang Felicidad T. Sy

Quality healthcare is a prerequisite in building self-sufficient communities. SM Foundation creates access to universal healthcare by renovating and upgrading public health centers and government medical facilities to meet the accreditation standards of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth). It also addresses the immediate medical needs of the community through its medical and diagnostics missions, providing basic laboratory and surgical services.

Impact to Date

Special Feature

Happy to Serve the Filipino People

His Excellency President Rodrigo Duterte presented SM Foundation a plaque of appreciation for its noteworthy contributions to the Armed Forces of the Philippines Health Service Command. SM Foundation helps provide quality Health and medical care to the men and women who have sworn their duty to God and country to protect the freedom of the Filipino people. To date, SM Foundation has renovated 26 Military Facilities and 4 Police Health Facilities nationwide.

Colors of Hope

"What started out as a vision borne out of compassion and social responsibility became a move to heed our patriotic duty to answer the call in nation building. The SM Cares Housing Project for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan is a living testimony that much can be done if we all work together and move in one direction with the goal of helping our fellowmen in need."

- Hans Sy

White Trains to Celebrate
New Beginnings

The dream of every bride is a home where her family can grow and enjoy their love. For the brides of the SM Cares communities, rows of bright, colored homes await the new chapter of their lives.

A Rainbow After the Storm

Baltazar Gipgano, Community Baker

Most dream of becoming an entrepreneur but do not know how to go about it. For Baltazar, it took a super typhoon to make his dream come true. From the ruins, Baltazar moved to his new home and continued doing what he loves – baking. Now, his neighbors wake up to the fresh scent of Baltazar’s freshly baked breads.

Neralyn Montejo, Community Baker

From the devastation experienced during the super typhoon, Neralyn continues to do what she loves – teaching the younger generation. She also now serves as the Vice Chairman of the SM Cares Village in Bogo. She also looks forward in taking the lead in the day care center that will soon rise in their community.

The Power of Human Kindness

Reducing Inequalities

SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation, promotes diversity and inclusion by raising awareness, providing services and opening doors of opportunities for persons with special needs to develop to their full potential and live fulfilled lives. It also advocates for the rights and need of groups with unique needs such as the senior citizens, oversees Filipino workers, women and children.

Impact to Date


joined the Movies for the Deaf and the Blind in 31 malls


Participated in Disaster Preparedness Training for PWDs and senior citizens to date


Participated in Angels Walk-Autism Awareness to date


Participated in Happy Walk for Down syndrome to date


SM Malls equipped with PWD-friendly mall facilities (washrooms, ramps and phone)

PWD-friendly mall staff and security with training on serving PWD customers

Special Report


In partnership with Autism Society Philippines, SM Markets championed an immersion program for persons with autism (PWAs) providing opportunities for young adults on the spectrum to be productive in a workplace. From one pilot store in 2016 to 17 stores nationwide, PWA participants have gone a long way from displaying products on the supermarket shelves, to improving their social skills, making more friends, inspring other workers and delighting customers.

In 2017, SM Markets received the partner of the year award from the Autism Society of the Philippines for its AutiSM@Work program

A Helping Hand to Weather the Storm

2017 Response


kalinga packs for Typhoon Maring victims


kalinga packs for Typhoon Urduja victims


kalinga packs for Various disasters


kalinga packs distributed

Responded to
13 calamities

Special Response


Kalinga packs distributed


blankets and mosquito nets distributed by THE SM STORE

A closer look...

Social Change

Making a Mark on Social Change


Opportunities that Matter


Access to Universal Healthcare

Farmer's Training

Treasures from the Good Earth


Colors of Hope

Special Needs

The Power of Human Kindness

Operation Tulong Express

A Helping Hand to Weather the Storm