Our Approach

Sustainability in SM means serving as catalysts for development in the communities it serves. It has integrated environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs and initiatives the way it does its business.

SM is committed to create a sustainable future by promoting inclusive growth and development and providing greater value to its stakeholders. As a holding company with diverse investments, SM has gone beyond philanthropy by nurturing the environment and supporting its host communities as it grows its business.

The Company's ESG intiatives are in line with the UN Global Compact Principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

SM ESG Principles

The SM Board of Directors reviewed and approved the SM ESG Principles that encompasses global standards. The Company supports:

  1. Corporate Governance;
  2. Climate-friendly solutions and opportunities for business;
  3. Access to clean, renewable and reliable energy sources and services;
  4. The adoption of instruments that help quantify, manage and report on carbon footprints of its businesses;
  5. The responsibility to protect the dignity of every person and uphold human rights;
  6. The recognition of the role of women in achieving economic growth and poverty reduction; and 
  7. The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsoty labor and child labor.

SM ESG Framework

This framework gives an overview of the aspects vital to the Company's ESG programs: developing sustainable operating models, creating opportunities for social development to its host communities, observing the practice of good governance, engaging its business partners toward sustainability and harnessing its human capital with apparent and measurable results. Leveraging on the Company's ability to scale, it is able to contribute to a more sustain economic growth and create shared value to its stakeholders.